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Rusty Black Haw

Rusty Black Haw

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Rusty Black Haw produces edible blue fruit in the fall that draws wildlife and birds for viewing enjoyment.

Reaching heights of 10 to 20 feet, Rusty Black Haw falls within a large shrub or small tree category. This pretty little tree has clusters of white flowers and makes a lovely hedge. Rusty brown hairs from underneath its leaves. When untrimmed back this shrub spreads out across 15 to 20 feet.

Rusty Black Haw tolerates many soil conditions if there is adequate drainage. It prefers sunny to partly sunny locations and normal to dry conditions. Often used as an ornamental specimen, this low maintenance shrub is native to North America and thrives in the southeastern part of the United States. Bees and birds sip nectar from its beautiful white flowers that appear in springtime.

Butterflies flit about this tree with stunning foliage that is glossy green before turning red to purple in the fall.

Rusty Black Haw is also known as Viburnum Rugifidum. Hardy planting zones are 5-9. The growth rate is less than 1 foot per year. The Rusty Black haw is a slow growing shrub and will thrive in a variety of soil types. This is an excellent shrub to add to gardens because it is very drought tolerant and can survive dry conditions. This bush looks impressive when in bloom. It will bring life and brilliance to all areas.

This shrub can grow to be 25 to 30 feet tall and can also be 30 to 35 feet wide. This shrub does well in full and partial sunlight. It will look amazing when in bloom and can grow to be so big it can take over a garden. It can be trimmed and pruned to the right height for a garden. This shrub will bring color during the fall and summer months. It will bloom and produce clusters of white flowers. During the fall it will provide an incredible show of color through its leaves changing.

Rusty Black Haw Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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