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    5' Sassafras bareroot

    Posted by Lynn on Apr 07, 2018

    Very pleased with the trees. All 25 had large roots and the trees had many branches and buds. I planted them immediately and I am expecting good results given the quality. I will be a return customer.

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    Posted by Kerry Secklar on Mar 06, 2018

    I love this tree and is aroma! Definitely first pick for me!

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Sassafras Tree, Sassafras Albidum is Hardy Zones 4-9

The American species is Sassafras albidum. The tree is easily recognized by its three leaf shapes: oval, one, and two-lobed. The leaves and bark have a distinctive sweet aroma and flavor; The leaves turn from green to bright orange-pink, yellow-red, and scarlet-purple in autumn; The leaves are mucilaginous; The root bark used for tea. The leaves and root bark are used medicinally; used for fever, rheumatism, gout, and eye irritation, among other things. No part of the tree is approved for use in the United States because the active constituent, safrole, is carcinogenic. American sassafras trees grow up to 60 feet tall. The bark is reddish-brown or orange-brown; The trees produce yellow blooms in the spring; Sassafras will grow in well-drained loam, clay, and sandy soils. Acidity is not a problem if well-drained. The tree lives an average of 100 years and can live up to 500 years.

 Sassafras tree, Sassafras Albidum grows well in Well Drained Loam, Clay and Sandy Soils

The tree's height can range from thirty to one hundred and fifty feet tall and can grow up to four feet per year. This tree is native to eastern North America and East Asia and found in fields, roadsides, and woodlands. As a young tree, it has a greenish bark. As it ages, the bark will turn to a reddish-brown color. A Sassafras averages one hundred years of life. It has a distinct oval-shaped three-leaf pattern and will produce greenish-yellow flowers once the leaves unfold between March and April. Depending on rainfall, the tree will lose all of its leaves for a period during the year. The leaves can change to many different colors in the fall, including pink, red, and purple. It can grow in many types of soil, including dry and sandy varieties. The best spot for the tree to grow is in well-draining and acidic soil. The suitable hardiness for this Sassafras tree is in zones four through nine.

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