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Sawdust Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

Sawdust Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

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Sawdust mulch 3-gallon bags are an excellent choice when constructing flower beds, natural areas and it also works great on walkways and driveways.

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Sawdust mulch – 3-gallon bags

Sawdust is very acidic making sawdust a healthy mulch for plants that need acid if appropriately used.

Plants such as blueberries, evergreens, and holly do well with this kind of mulch. Sawdust needs nitrogen to be able to decompose. Throwing sawdust on your garden is not recommended as it can take nitrogen from the roots of plants. Purchasing a Sawdust Mulch that already has the nitrogen it needs is safer for gardens. It helps keep weeds down to a minimum and hold moisture for plants. The light brown-tannish color gives gardens a naturally beautiful look along driveways and sidewalks. You can also use it around acid-loving trees. Sawdust Mulch needs to be replaced about once a year, and periodically a light is fluffing with a rake.

Sawdust mulch – 3 gallon bags can be great to add curb appeal to homes or to give that final manicured look to the landscape. When using this much, you need to find a place that is appropriate for sawdust. The sawdust mulch tends to be more acidic, so it is best to be used around evergreens or blueberries. Of course, it does help with controlling weeds and reduces the need for watering. Since this much is so beautiful, it tends to compact compare to the bark mulches so you will have to fluff it occasionally. But it also is a great help to keep moisture in, so it’s great to put down a thin layer if you are growing from seed. This mulch even looks excellent around walkways and permanent structures, but if you put it around places that you want to plant eventually when sawdust is left it becomes crusted over so that it reduces the amount of water reaching the ground which reduces the growth of weeds. You can buy sawdust mulch is a three-gallon size bag.


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