Sensitive Ferns work well in both native plant and traditional gardens.

Sensitive Fern

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Sensitive Fern-Onoclea Sensibilis Hardy Planting Zones-4-9 Sun or Shade-Part Sun/Full Shade Mature Height-36" Mature Width-48" Bloom Season-Summer (May to August) Gardener Status-Beginner

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The sensitive fern, Onoclea sensibilis, is also known as the “sensitive” fern or the bead fern. It’s a most common name, sensitive, hearkens back to colonial days when the early American settlers discovered that the fern was “sensitive” to frost. It is what expert calls a deciduous perennial fern. An ornamental plant can be medium or large-sized and has a coarse texture. These ferns are also popular choices for habitat restoration projects and in landscaping projects that are meant to appear to be natural. Online sources indicate that sensitive ferns can live in full sunlight but require wet soil to do so. The fern can be very tolerant of drier conditions providing it is kept in the shade. They also understand the damp ground as well.

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They reportedly are the first plants found in disturbed areas. Finally, the sensitive Fern is even an award-winning plant having garnered the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Sensitive Ferns get their name because they are susceptible and delicate to being broken or damaged. This Fern is tender to the weather. It needs a steady temperature to live at its best. Sensitive Fern also called Onoclea Sensibilis; Hardy planting zones are 4-10; The growth rate is up to 36 inches per season. This Fern can provide green color, but with its delicate fronds, it takes work. It can grow in sandy, loamy or acidic soil. It can grow large up to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It can grow well in the southern states where it's warm. They can be seen growing in the shade.

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