Shortages Plants Received

If you have an issue or shortages plants received please read the following:

Please email the customer service department AT CUSTOMERSERVICE@TNNURSERY.NET the following information below

Name, Order # and the quantity, size and type plants you didn’t receive. Also we will need a phone # to get in contact with you if needed.

If you ordered  trees and your bundle has a string around them cut it, Sometimes people doesn’t understand there’s multiple trees in one bundle, they think it’s one

When this is done and the shortage is still evident, please email this information to and we will handle the order accordingly. If we do see there is a valid shortage, we will reship your order within 10 days. You will receive a fed-ex email notification when your order ships.

Name Order Was Placed Under

Order #

Qty, Name Of Product and Size of Shortage Plants

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