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Shrubs are one of the single most essential elements in landscaping.

A yard or a home garden without shrubs is like a kitchen missing the appliances. When choosing these to act as a barrier or screen, you need to go for plants with dense foliage from the bottom to the top and then plant them close enough together so that their leaves overlap when they are mature. Shrubs can be used as centerpieces in your yard or positioned among trees and flowers to add variety. One of their benefits is providing long-lasting color and beauty, and their size adds to their appeal.

If you’re looking for a living fence, try a privet or perhaps a burning bush. For flower enthusiasts, we have azalea, hydrangea, and forsythia. We offer our shrubs in multiple sizes, from 1-2 feet tall to 4-5 feet tall. They are shipped fresh-dug and bare root. The minimum purchase is 25 units. Select some new additions to your yard today!

The Most Vibrant Shrubs For Color In Your Garden

When you are planting in your garden, you cannot Felton flowers fill up the entire space. Some people will use mosses to make their yard a little bit more hospitable for lizards, but you also need shrubs that will bring life and color to the lawn. Each of the steps that you see below will help you make your lawn beautiful and fun. Plus, you can add hearty shrubs that add diversity to your lawn. 

The Red Ozier Dogwood

Try red osier dogwood  in the middle of your garden as a way to create a central point for growing. You may also use dogwood to add color to the area because you might use several mosses, ferns, and other primarily green plants.

The Burning Bush

The burning bush does precisely what the name says. You feel as though the bush has burned because of the sparse nature of the branches and blooms. This bush is a beautiful way for you to add a bit of gothic mystery to the lawn, and you will find that it could add a bit of stark autumnal coloring to the lawn that you cannot get anywhere else. You do not want to wait for the fall to change the leaves when you get burnt coloring from this bush.


When you plant the forsythia, you are bringing yellows to your garden that you could not have imagined unless you planted an entire field of sunflowers. The forsythia is so vibrant that you see several shades of yellow when you watch the blooms fill out. Also, you can use these shrubs to bring a big of softness to the garden. The shrub itself can be pretty significant, but the flowers and branches are not so harsh. Plus, you will find that this is an excellent way for you to plant by the mailbox, by the front door, or around your patio.

The Red Weigelia

 The red weigela is a unique plant that has long tendrils of red flowers. However, the red is not consistent, it is not a bright red, and it draws in the viewer. When you get close to these plants, they almost appear to be purple. That burgundy color is something that you will be entranced by. Plus, you might feel the plant is giving you a bit of color that will blend with other plants in the garden. If you have blue flowers, they might appear bluer. If you have red flowers, they might appear to be redder.


Which Shrubs Do You Choose?

 You can use all the shrubs listed above to make your garden look splendid, but you need to use them in the right spots, spread them out, and pair them with smaller flowers to add texture to the garden.

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