Shumardi Oak Tree looks genuinely spectacular in a front or side yard!

Shumard Oak Tree

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Growth Rate‎: ‎Fast Mature Height‎: ‎75 - 90 feet Sun Exposure‎: ‎Full Sun Mature Spread‎: ‎40 - 60 feet

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Also referred to as the Northern Red Oak, the Shumardi Oak is a beautiful triangular tree, which can grow up to ninety feet in height. This is precisely why a lot of gardeners use them to make their landscaping look more ornate. Helping to bring about positive energy to the property and home. Which invites a wide variety of beautiful butterflies, birds, and other cute critters into the yard. During the autumn, its leaves turn a breathtaking deep crimson color with seven-inch leaves. The Shumard Oak has a rapid growth rate, growing between twelve and twenty-four inches annually. It thrives in full sunlight and should receive a minimum of six hours of direct sun daily. They also like soil that's rich in alkaline and is acidic. It's best to plant these trees in an area where rainwater doesn't collect to avoid over-saturation.
Shumardi Oak looks spectacular in a yard's landscape, providing plenty of shade for those deciding to sit underneath it. Generally shipped out to the consumer in bare-root form, ensuring them to receive a plant that's in excellent condition.


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This versatile species has successfully grown in urban regions where pollution, drainage problems, and other problems like drought, compacted soil is very common, making it an excellent choice for trees lining the street. This tree can be expected to thrive in Hardiness zones 5-9. Usually, it attains a height of 40-60' and a breadth of 40-60' at full maturity, growing at an average rate, with annual increases of 13-24". This tree grows under sunny conditions, a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight every day. Shumadi oak grows in a wide range of soils, preferring healthy levels of moisture, but can withstand drought conditions. This tree is an excellent symbol of the fall season, with the leaves converting to red-orange from a deep shade of red. The leaves are deciduous, 4-8" long, deep-lobed with bristles on the lobes. It usually transplants with ease, produces oval acorns about 1" in length, contained in the base in a robust saucer-shaped cup, forming every 2-4 years. It tolerates growing in compacted soils.


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