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Sideoats Grama Grass - Bouteloua curtipendula works well for prairie restoration projects.

Sideoats Grama Grass

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Latin Name-Bouteloua Curtipendula Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height- 2 1/2 ft Width-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Sideoats Grama Grass - Bouteloua curtipendula works well for prairie restoration projects.

Sideoats grama grass is a short perennial prairie grass native to the western hemisphere. There have thin green leaves, and a string-like stem (called culms) covered in grain-like spikelets. Most culms contain three to six spikelets each. The group in clumps or bunches. They can grow between 1-3 feet tall (0.3-0.9 meters.)They often grow in prairies, rocky slopes, and open fields. At the beginning of its life cycle, side-oats grama grass starts off the green. They sometimes turn red or purple in the fall. Once fertilized, the wideouts grama grass leaves change to a yellow hay-like color. This plant produces ivory colored fruit. Sideoats grama grass is the official state grass of Texas. As such, this plant does well in dry and well-drained soil, as well as limestone sands, clay, and loamy soil. Unsurprisingly side-oats grama grass is drought resistant and enjoys the sun and partial shade. It grows wild and coexists very well with other native plant life, especially wildflowers. The seeds from this plant are beautiful to birds, who help the plant spread across open fields. Bird also benefit by using side-oats grama grass as nesting material, and as cover from predators. This plant also acts as a host plant for certain species of butterfly. Sideoats grama grass is a favorite grazing plant for livestock such as cattle. Although livestock enjoys it, side-oats grama grass is highly deer resistant.  In a garden setting, side-oats grama grass is an excellent accent plant. It fills up space without choking out other flowers or shrubs. Its numerous wildlife benefits also help attract pollinators that allow other plants to thrive. The color changes throughout its life cycle help a garden evolve dynamically throughout the seasons. As a perennial, sideouts grama grass can live longer than two years before replacing.

Sideoats Grama Grass is a fast-growing grass and will thrive in various soil types. This grass is excellent and will grow almost anywhere.

It is not very particular regarding soil conditions. It will add a unique natural look when growing. Sideoats Grama Grass is also known as Boutelous Curtipendula; Hardy planting zones are 4-9. Grass plugs come back year after year. This grass will grow to be up to 2½ feet tall. This plant grows best in full sunlight and partially shaded areas. It will look great in all areas. This plant can spread to cover around 1 foot; This grass will adapt to all different kinds of surroundings; It can be found growing in fields and open areas. It is effortless to develop and maintain.

Sideoats Grama Grass Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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