Silky Dogwood Live Stakes attract many different varieties of wildlife

Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Cornus Amomum Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 6-10ft Width 6-10ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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The Silky Dogwood Live Stakes is a shrub found throughout North America, particularly in its northeastern region. The plant grows best in boggy and wet woodland areas. It is a plant that needs access to water at all times since it does very poorly if not sufficiently hydrated. Silky Dogwood Live Stakes is also known as Cornus Amomum. They grow best in hardy planting zones 5-8. The typical growth rate of them at maturity can reach 6-12 feet tall and 6-12 feet wide. Silky Dogwood will have a yellowish-white bloom from May to June and will be showy. It will also have a showy fruit that will attract birds to the area. This deciduous shrub is deer and erosion tolerant. Plant in wet to medium, average soil but really will flourish in acidic, organic, rich, moist soil. It will be fine in almost full shade. Would benefit from a layer of mulch about 2-4 inches thick and this will help keep the moisture in and roots cool.

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Any branches that come in contact with the soil could root at the nodes. If this happens, it could cause the shrub to spread and form thickets. To prevent this, should trim when this happens. The flowers will be replaced by berries that are white but will ripen to blue color in the later summertime. This will cause wildlife to feed on these berries, including area birds. The underside of the twigs and leaves have silky hairs; where it gets its name. The twigs of this dogwood are purple to the brown color in the springtime. They also have a distinctive pith. These dogwoods do not have very many severe insect or disease issues. However, they may be susceptible to scale. It could also have leaf spot, crown canker, root rot or powdery mildew if not taken care of.

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