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Silver Maple Live Stakes, Acer Saccharinum Is Known For Its Silver Undersides In Its Foliage Giving Its Signature Ethereal Effect

The silver maple, formally known as the Acer saccharinum, is a species of maple native to a majority of the United States and Southern Canada. It is also known as the creek maple, Silverleaf maple, soft maple, or water maple. Commonly found in older landscapes thanks to their quick growth, even the slightest swaying movement of the maple's undersides gives the tree an illusion of shimmering in silver; aside from serving as fast-growing shade trees, silver maples often appeared in reforestation projects.

A fast-growing deciduous tree, the silver maple reaches fifteen to twenty-five meters tall, or in some exceptional cases, thirty-five meters. Its average spread spans about eleven to fifteen meters wide, and a ten-year-old sapling stands about eight meters tall. It grows along waterways and wetlands; it is a highly adaptable tree, though it has more sunlight-related requirements than other maple species. Its leaves are simple and palmately veined, around eight to sixteen centimeters long and six to twelve centimeters broad, with deep angular notches between its lobes.

The stalks extend from five to twelve centimeters long, and even the slightest breeze can produce a striking effect by exposing the leaves' downy silver undersides. While the autumn hues are less pronounced than those of other maples', the silver maple can produce a more brilliant palette of yellow, orange, and red colorations. The silver maple tends to color and drop its leaves a little earlier in the autumn than the rest of the other maples. The flowers bunch up in dense clusters, produced before leaves in early spring and its leaves maturing in early summer. Its fruits contain a single seed, each with a small pair of wings five to ten millimeters long. Out of any native maple, its fruits are the largest.

Silver Maple Live Stakes, Acer Saccharinum Serve For Many Purposes In Both Wildlife And Human Daily Life

Just about everything with the silver maple is cultivated in various ways. The large, rounded buds serve as primary food sources for squirrels during the spring, whenever the squirrels' primary food sources have gone scarce. Its bark helps quench the palate of beavers and deer, and the trunks' cavities allow small shelter animals such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, owls, and woodpeckers.

The leaves serve as food sources for species of Lepidoptera, like the rosy maple moth. The wood acts as pulp for making paper, and the silver maple's lumber appears in furniture, cabinets, flooring, and even musical instruments because of its lightness and adaptability. The silver maple's fast growth is a research tool as a potential source of biofuels, and its ease of propagation and transplanting makes it an ideal ornamental tree.

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