Silver Maple Tree

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    Posted by Cliff Gray on Mar 15, 2018

    A large spread just beautiful..

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    Posted by Miles Coop on Mar 06, 2018

    A strong tree and a great spread. It was a good choice!

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Silver Maple Tree, Acer Saccharinum is Hardy Growing Zones 3-9

Silver Maple Trees grow in moist and slightly acidic soil. Hardy zones are 3-9. Habitually they grow in a V shape extending 50-80 feet tall and 30-50 inches in width. The peeling bark is grey with giant roots and brittle limbs; Because the wood is soft, holes are easily formed—the plant along riverbanks and edges for other waterways. When looking at a mature tree, one can tell immediately where this tree gets its name. Silver maple's bark has a silver tent of color, but if the wind blows, the foliage on these trees appears to shimmer because of the light intensity on the underside of the leaves. These are classified as one of the faster-growing trees and can grow at a rate of 2 or more feet annually. These are also known to have the most abundant seeds of any of the maple trees.

 Silver Maple Tree, Acer Saccharinum Produce a Beautiful Fall Foliage and are Very Adaptable to Various Soil Conditions

They can expand and grow to heights of up to 80 feet and have a canopy spread of 35 feet when fully mature. In some areas, these are referred to as sugar maples. The botanical name for these fantastic trees is Acer Saccharinum. These will grow best when they plant in USDA Climate Zones 3 through 9. They are tolerant of most pests and diseases. They can also tolerate periods of drought conditions once they have become established trees. The seeds on these trees will attract birds, squirrels, and many other varieties of smaller wildlife. The foliage is attractive in that in spring and summer, the top side of the leaves is a gorgeous hue of green, and the underside is light green. In the autumn months, the leaves will turn to beautiful fall colors. These are trees that will lose their leaves in the late fall and winter months. These are easy to grow and maintain and are very adaptable to various soil conditions.

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