Smooth Cordgrass is excellent and will add a unique touch and a great color of green.

Smooth Cordgrass

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Latin Name-Spartina Alterniflora Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 12inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Smooth Cordgrass is also known as Spartina Alterniflora; Hardy planting zones are 3-9. Grass plugs come back year after year; It is a fast-growing grass and will thrive in various soil types. This grass will look very natural when growing. It will give all areas a very natural look. It will be easy to care for and to grow. This grass will grow to be 2 to 5 feet tall. This plant grows best in full sunlight and partially shaded areas; This grass will grow great around bodies of water; It will help with soil erosion problems. It will look very natural when grown and when fully developed.  Smooth Cordgrass is also known as marsh grass and oyster grass. As its most famous name implies, smooth Cordgrass is a dense and hardy deciduous grass with thick, smooth-textured stems. The plant tends to grow from two to six feet in height, with leaves that tend to be about a half-inch wide. These leaves taper gently and entrancingly toward their downturned tips. In most areas, smooth Cordgrass will bloom with delightfully delicate-looking yellowish-green or white flowers from July to August. These flowers are carefully packed together in circular clumps call clones. They grow on only one side of their sturdy stalks, which look somewhat like wheat. This unique configuration makes smooth Cordgrass superior in appearance compared to other grassy plants.

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Preferring to grow alongside the brackish waters of marshes, estuaries, and canals, this robust plant is well-known for its ability to minimize soil erosion and preserve the coastline. While coastal areas are where the grass tends to thrive best, salt is not a strict requirement for its survival. With care, smooth cordgrass can establish parallel to freshwater sources, like lakes. The species also serves as a valuable food source for snow geese and a variety of herbivorous grazing animals, which makes it popular with individuals who wish to attract more wildlife to their land.

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