Snow Hill Hydrangea is a beautiful plant that is made up of small white clusters of flowers, which cause the appearance to appear as a bit white ball from a distance.

Snow Hill Hydrangea

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Latin Name- Hydrangea Arborescens Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 3-5 ft Width- 4-6 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Snow Hill Hydrangea is a beautiful, deciduous shrub grows upright and has lush, green foliage. The stems are a velvety, light-colored brown. It also produces a riot of massive, white blooms throughout the summer months. This shrub can also create a short, repeated fall bloom. Snow Hill Hydrangea is a member of the Hydrangeacea family and recommended for planting in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9. It typically grows from June to August in most climates. It prefers partial shade but will grow in full sun if there is consistent gets of 3 to 5 feet and can have a spread of 3 to 5 feet in width. This shrub produces blooms from J moisture provided. This hydrangea grows best in moist, fertile soil that is well-drained.


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Since this shrub is low to the ground, used as a shrub border or in-home plant gardens. Its showy blooms make an attractive addition to any home landscape setting, and it is versatile. Many home gardeners use cuttings of hydrangea plants for interior decor, as well. The USDA climate zone that the Snow Hill Hydrangea can survive in ranges from a four to a nine. Usually, they grow in height to roughly three to five feet in size and prefer an acidic type of soil. When it comes to the great outdoors, the Snow Hill Hydrangea’s prefer planting in full sunlight where they can thrive and grow. They grow in thick, green bushes and sport beautiful white flowers.
Most typically, you’ll find this type of plant planted in homes and around large yards. They’re pretty low as far as upkeep goes and grows rather small to the ground.
One great thing about this plant is, you can plant other plants around it, and it’ll still thrive without taking away soil nourishment from other plants. While the most common color you’ll see on the blossoms is white, they’ve also been known to appear in blue, shades of pink, purple, and even a rose color. They do require some shade later during the day, and while they don’t need a lot of watering, they won’t survive in drought areas very well. Blooms are usually seen around late Summer (August) and can grow up to ten to fifteen feet tall in some areas. Life spanwise, it seems to be as long as you take well care of the plant and it needs it’ll continue to thrive as some have reported having their plants for over ten years.


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