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Soft Rush

Soft Rush

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Latin Name-Juncus Effusus Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Soft Rush plants control erosion, stabilize sediment, restore wetland ecosystems, and even treat wastewater.

Soft Rush is 4-foot tall bushes that are typically found at the edges of streams and ditches. The ends of its willowy branches have a yellowish color. The further down the branches get steadily browner in color. It is often a preferred nesting place for birds and a habitation shelter for small animals.

Soft Rush is also known as Juncus Effusus. Hardy planting zones are 2-9. Grass plugs come back year after year. This plant grows best in full sunlight and partially shaded areas. This grass works excellently as an ornamental grass in gardens and natural areas. It will look great when planted around swimming pools and water gardens. Bringing birds to an area will be okay. It will give a unique touch to all the gardens. The Soft Rush is a fast-growing grass and will thrive in various soil types.

Soft Rush is an excellent grass to add lots of color to a lawn or area. It will look great when grow. It is also effortless to care for. This grass will grow to be 3 feet tall.

Soft rush is also eaten raw, boiled, or roasted by Indians when they are just sprouts. The seeds are also edible, as are the stalks. Mammals and birds even eat it. Fish spawn among them, and amphibians live among them. They can be established using their seeds or bare roots, and from a container or right from the soil. They are very fast growers, so they are suitable for revegetating and stabilizing disturbed areas.

Using the stems and other parts of the plant, many different Indian tribes in Southern California make coiled baskets out of soft rush. The Quinalt Indians of western Washington state use it to plait tumplines for baskets. Cattails are mixed with the soft rush to make string. The Snoqualmie Indians use rush stalks to tie things with.

Soft Rush Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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