Softstem Bulrush grass helps with soil erosion problems.
Softstem Bulrush is also known as Schoenoplectus Tabernaemontani. Hardy planting zones are 3-9. Grass plugs come back year after year.

Softstem Bulrush

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Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani. Graceful, green stems, topped with large, pendulous brown flower clusters.

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Soft stem Bulrush is also known as Schoenoplectus Tabernaemontani; Hardy planting zones are 3-9; Grass plugs come back year after year. The Softstem bulrush is a fast-growing grass and will thrive in various soil types. This grass is very easy to grow and maintain. It will provide a very natural look when growing. This grass can found in different areas and climates throughout the United States. This grass will grow to be several inches tall. This plant grows best in full sunlight and partially shaded areas. It plants around ponds and lakes. It will be effortless to grow and will take no maintenance to get established.   The Soft Stem Bulrush, or Schoenoplectus taberna montane, is an aquatic plant of the sedge family. This tall perennial can grow to nine feet and has soft, weak green stems with brownish-flowered spikelets and drooping clusters of scaled nuts. Not only does this plant provide a food source for birds, but it also serves as a cover for fish and smaller animals, and a natural solution to erosion management. Though the plant can withstand periodic draining and flooding, stands can reduce if this occurs continuously. While this sedge flourishes in saline waters; found in the clay of wet meadows, marshes, and along the shores of both fresh and brackish waters.

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To propagate; seeds should be sown in a cold frame once ripe in a pot standing in about 3 centimeters of water. These seeds germinate rapidly and can be planted, once large enough to handle, in spring to early summer. Smaller divisions should continue growing in pots until better established, then relocated in moist to wet soil with full sun, blooming between May and September. Compared to most species, this plant’s rather long lifespan matures at about 20 years. This plant is fantastic and provides a very natural appearance as they grow. They look stunning around lakes and ponds and also around water gardens. They grow and maintain, and even when trimmed down, they grow right back with ease. Small wildlife and even aquatic life love these as they protect from larger predators. The Soft Stem Bulrush offers food for a variety of creatures, including fish, leaf beetles, raccoons, and otters. The fruit is a favorite of ducks as well as species of shore and marsh birds. Waterbirds of all sorts love to use the plants as nesting sites and nesting materials.

This sedge is zoned USDA Hardiness Zone 3-9.
USDA Climate Zones: 3-11

Tree Height: 6-8 feet

Tree Width: 4-5 feet

Growth/Year: 6-8 feet

Soil Type: very wet sites

Sun: Full to Part Sun

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