Southern Red Oak is a deciduous tree that can live anywhere from 100-500 years.
It will reach a mature height of 82’-98’ and is often used as a shade tree.

Southern Red Oak

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Latin Name-Quercus falcata Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 80-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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It will grow in zones 6-10 in a variety of soils, such as sandy, dry, clay or poor soil with urban air. It does need to be planted in full sun. It will reach a mature height of 82’-98’ and is often used as a shade tree. The leaves are 4”-12” long with 3-5 sharply pointed, curved lobes. They are shiny, dark green on the top and a rust color underneath with fine hairs. In the fall, the leaves will turn anywhere from scarlet to golden yellow. It will grow a small acorn that matures in its second season and is orange-brown. These acorns will attract deer, squirrels, and rabbits.
Southern Red Oak Stands Tall and Strong.
Native to the south-central and eastern regions of the United States, the southern red oak, also referred to as the Spanish oak is a robust, adaptable tree. Classified in the medium to large category sometimes reaching well over 100 feet in height, and the trunk a thick as 5 feet in diameter, this tree is part of the American landscape.

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The tree bark is considerably thick, and dark (deep brown color), and has small bumpy scales. The male flowers are yellow-green, and the female flowers are reddish. The southern red oak also produces acorns about 1/2 inch long; This durable and robust tree has an array of colors during the autumn season; The primary leave colors are brown and a red-yellow. Although somewhat vulnerable to oak wilt, the only real pests are borers and weevils. Southern Red Oak may often be found thriving in the suburbs or near coastal cities as the adaptability of this tree allow it to survive environmental change quite well.


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