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Southern Yellow Pine Seedlings

Southern Yellow Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus rigida Hardy Planting Zone-7-9 Mature Height-80-100 Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Full shade

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Southern Yellow Pine Seedlings, native to zones 7, 8, and 9, are fast-growing evergreens that can reach a height of one hundred feet and a width of one to four feet.

Called Loblolly pines in the American south because of their thick, sticky sap, they are happy in almost any kind of soil and like lots of water.

The Southern Yellow Pine, also known as Pinus palustris, will do great when planted in hardiness zones 7b through 9. These trees are amazingly beautiful when full grown and will bring excellent curb appeal to a lawn or home. This species of pine tree refers to the species of tree that have a group of three pine needles per bunch. Therefore, there are many different species of this particular pines. Not only is used this tree for its ornamental uses but it is also used for its lumber and plywood in home construction. Some other applications for this tree are for wooden roller coasters and utility poles.
It grows 120 feet tall and can also be around 40 feet wide.

Each year this tree can be expected to grow about 3 feet until it reaches full maturity; Thriving well in sandy and clay soil conditions.

This tree will need to plant in an area that it will receive full sunlight. It is intolerant of shade. It will be a great addition and can also be found growing a lot in the coastal regions of the Eastern United States. These plants are seen a lot grow in forest and wooded areas. These trees are also suitable for their fire resistance. The needles on these trees typically stay on the tree for up to two years. Most of the time, these needles will fall during the fall and winter months of their second year, although they can drop all year long.

USDA Climate Zone: 7b-9
Tree Height: 80-120 Feet
Tree Width: 30-40 Feet
Growth/Year: 3 Feet
Soil Type: Grows well on sandy or clay soils
Sun: Full Sun, intolerant of shade

Southern Yellow Pine Seedlings Ships As – Bareroot Plant



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