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Spirea Van Houtte is a lovely shrub that brings attention where grown.
It will dazzle neighbors with the gorgeous white blooms that will appear during April and May.

Spirea Van Houtte

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Spiraea Prunifolia Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4-10 ft Width- 2-3'ft , Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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It will dazzle neighbors with the gorgeous white blooms that will appear during April and May. These will make excellent border hedges and will also add life and character to a lawn. They grow small and can also spread to be 7 to 10 feet wide. They do great when planted in full sunlight and adapt to many soil conditions. These shrubs are very easy to care for and will look magnificent when in bloom. The spiraea Van Houttei is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs that a gardener can plant. One of the best things about this plant is that it’s about as easy to grow as it is lovely. Also called the Vanhoutte spirea or bridal wreath spirea, this bush can grow five to eight feet high and seven to 10 feet wide, though some specimens can grow to twice that.


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Spiraea Van Houttei does best in hardiness zones 3 to 8, and once established its maintenance is easy. It has a medium growth rate, which means it grows between 13 to 24 inches per year. Named after the Belgian gardener L.B. Van Houtte, spiraea Van Houttei grew best in well-drained soil amended with compost and kept a bit moist. The compost should refresh every spring. Spiraea Van Houttei can do well in clay, sandy or loamy soil with a pH from 6.1 to 7.8, though like many plants the spirea does best in slightly acidic soils. Soils with an alkaline pH over 7.1 can interfere with its uptake of nutrients. The bridal wreath spirea can put up with some drought.


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