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The Square Stem Bulrush, Schoenoplectus Pungen Is A Perennial Herbaceous Plant That Grows in Wetlands

The square stem bulrush is a perennial herbaceous plant native in North and South America, including Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is a species of flowering plant in the sedge family known as the common three-square bulrush or sharp club-rush. Schoenoplectus pungens occur mostly under natural conditions in wetlands. It grows in wet places, either in shallow water three feet deep or in water that may reach six feet deeper.

The plant is sharply triangular, grows from one and one-half to four feet tall, with an erect or ascending stem that is light to medium green or bluish-green color, stout, and glabrous. Its sides are flat or concave, and the angles are slightly winged or wingless. The plant has one to five erect arching leaves. Its leaf blades come from the base of the stem. The leaf blades are also light to medium green or bluish-green, glabrous, linear, and V-shaped at the bottom, looking flat towards the tip. The inflorescence is grouped in dense spikelets, with one to seven spikelets held laterally by the stem. The spikelet has several florets with overlapping scales. The florets have three stamens and an ovary equally divided into two to three stigmas, and the wind cross-pollinates them. The erect floral bract is around two to eight inches long that may look like a continuation of the stem. The individual spikelets are approximately 5 to 20mm long and 3 to 8mm across. The plant’s blooming period happens in late spring or summer and will last about one to two weeks for individual plants. The fruit of schoenoplectus pungens also develops from late spring through summer. The mature seeds are dropping off individually. Its scales are bright to dark orange-brown or purplish-brown or straw-colored.

The Square Stem Bulrush, Schoenoplectus Pungen Can Withstand Flooding and Periods of Drought

The three-square stem bulrush grows in open, sunlit marshes and along the shores of lakes and ponds. It prefers full or partial sun in wet conditions, with soil that contains sandy loam, clay, silt, or gravelly material. The square stem can withstand flooding and during periods of drought when the soil is merely moist. The plant is easy to propagate by dividing its rhizomes.

The seeds or seedheads, square stems, and other bulrushes are food for many wetland birds, including ducks, rails, geese, and other songbirds. Bulrushes also offer suitable cover, foraging, and nesting habitat for wetland birds. The plant is resistant to fire.

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