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Stump Planters

Stump Planters

4 Ideas for a Beautiful Tree Stump Planter
Our Creator has made a beautiful world full of numerous trees that provide shade, fruit, and protection. Unfortunately, the tree in your yard might have gotten a disease or simply died of old age, leaving you with an unsightly tree stump. Here are four ideas for creating a beautiful Tree Stump Planter."1. Dig Out Center & Add Soil".Even though your tree stump is officially dead, it still is made of hardwood. Stump removal can be challenging and usually can't remove all of the roots. A better idea is to simply dig out the center of the stump and add planting soil. Shallow root plants are the best for your Tree Stump Planter - Pachysandra, Periwinkle, and Rhododendron."2. Hide Pot in Stump Hole"

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You can add seasonal plants to your Tree Stump Planter by digging a hole in the center. Place your pot in the recessed space. Favorite spring perennials for Zone 5 include Asiatic Lilies, Bleeding Hearts, and Butterfly Bush. Summer perennials for Zone 5 include Wild Swan Windflowers, Red Satin Coreopsis, and Summer Cheer Daffodils."3. Climbing Plants & Vines".Climbing plants and vines will tend to work well on hard surfaces, such as fences, walls, and stumps. Clematis, Honeysuckle, Passion Flower and Wisteria are all climbing plants, which can thrive on your old stump. In fact, Rose is also classified as a climbing plant."4. Varnish the Wood"

Although, you might not be able to extract the entire stump, why not varnish the wood? This gives it a beautiful glossy finish, which shines in the sun. Turn the ugly stump into a beautiful centerpiece of your lawn. It is important to use flowers that match the rest of your garden. Remember that the goal is to have your Tree Stump Planter "blend" in with its surroundings. Show your creative spark and have some fun. Stump Planters ship year round