Sweet Flag 1-2' is a flowering perennial plant.

Sweet Flag

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Latin Name- Acourus Americanuis Hardy Zone- 3-10 Mature Height- 4ft Width- 1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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In spite of this plant's smooth grass-like appearance, Sweet Flag 1-2' is a flowering perennial plant. They can grow between 0.5-6 feet in height (0.1-2 meters) and 0.5-2 feet width (0.1-0.6 meters.) Sweet Flag's tall grassy blades make it an ideal choice as a cover plant for any flower garden. The leaves are green with yellow or gold stripes, which can add color variety among purely green plants. It's glossy leaves also provide diversity in texture and visual consistency. It's subtle shape also allows it to add color and texture without outshining the centerpiece flowers and plants of a garden. As perennial, sweet flag plants can last two years or longer. Because they do not have to be replaced or replanted as often, sweet flags are very cost effective compared to annuals or biennials that die after one or two years. This plant is native to India and central Asia. They grow best in moist soil and can thrive in standing water. When provided enough standing water, they form cattail-like seed leaves. These seed leaves can grow tiny little white flowers, which give even more color and texture variety. Sweet flags enjoy partial to full sun exposure. They are also known to be deer resistant.

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As the name implies, Sweet Flag 1-2' is known for its pleasantly sweet fragrance. Sweet Flag was historically traded as a perfume in ancient times. One can apply this perfume by taking the crimped edges of the plant, crushing them, and asking them to the skin. The sweet scent also is used as an insect repellent. The sweetness of fresh grass also makes this plant useful for crafting and flavoring sweet tea.  It is fragrant and deer-resistant with a pleasant aromatic that enhances most outdoor environments. Gardeners enjoy the compact/upright growing habit (6 to 24 inches wide x 6 to 48 inches tall). The variegated foliage offers green and cream striations that provide contrast in any garden setting. This is a perennial that prefers to be grown in moist locations including bogs and water gardens. Many people also use Sweet Flag as the upright accents for container gardens.
Scientific Name: Acorus calamus
USDA Climate Zone - 4-11
Height: 6 inches-4 feet
Plant Width: 6-24 inches
Growth/Year: fast growing
Soil Type: moist soil to wet conditions
Sun: Full Sun to part shade


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