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Tall Ironweed

Tall Ironweed

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Tall Ironweed, also known as giant ironweed, is a tall flowering plant with a unique purple flower.

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Tall Ironweed stems are thick and sturdy. 

Tall Ironweed, also known as giant ironweed, is a tall flowering plant with a unique purple flower. It is native to the eastern United States of America. It has since spread to almost all of the United States.

As its name suggests, tall ironweed can grow to impressive heights. They have been recorded to grow between 3-7 feet tall (0.9-2.1 meters.) The leaves can be up to 10 inches long (25 centimeters.) It is often found towering over other plant life in the area. The "ironweed" part of the name indicates this plant's notable hardiness. It is very adaptable and can adjust to survive in a plethora of conditions. It does exceptionally well in moist and rich soil. It tolerates almost all varieties of shade or light, thriving in the sun, partial shade, and full shade alike. They are a purplish green color and covered in thin hairs.

The most notable trait of Tall Ironweed are the bright, vibrant flowers that sit atop its towering stems.

These flowers are in full bloom during August, September, and October. The petals of these flowers are similar to that of a red spider lily, in that they are not completely flat, and have colored stem-like petals sticking out the top. These individual petals add a unique pop and variety to any flower garden. Their purple color also differentiates them from spider lilies, which are usually only white or red. These unique flowers, plus the tall ironweed's great height are great for creating optical layers and tiers of color in a flower garden. As a bonus, tall ironweed plants are beneficial to the declining native bee population. This means tall ironweed will help attract pollinators to all the flowers in your garden.

Tall Ironweed also knew as Vernonia Gigantea. Hardy planting zones are 2-10. These plants bring a lovely purple color to your yard. They can grow to around 2 feet tall and are very skinny plants. They will grow in width to around 6 inches. The blooms are small and purple, with green foliage. The blooms look similar to carnations. This perennial loves partial shade with acidic to dry soils. It can tolerate water but prefers a moderate amount. It can tolerate heat but prefers the coolness of the shade. The blooms of this plant are edible by both humans and wildlife creatures. They can be brought indoors to add a fresh piece.

Tall Ironweed Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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