Terrarium Garden Kit - 6 Live Plants, Live Moss, Soil - Just Add Critters & Moss!Partial to fully enclose clear pods inhabiting a variety of plants that are easy to care for but look impressive

Terrarium Garden Kit - 6 Live Plants, Live Moss, Soil - Just Add Critters & Moss!

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Plants chose in this collection will be hardy for your growing zone.

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This type of gardening goes back eons, but a futuristic twist is the result of this simple garden. The species of plants well suited for a Terrarium Garden come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and styles. Usually, they are small for the averagely sized terrarium, but there are bigger ones possible too. A lot of specific specialty plants are perfect for a terrarium because under normal outdoor or indoor growing conditions, some plants don't play well with others. In a terrarium, everybody is family, so the limit is your imagination with the many ideal plants available. One example of Terrarium Garden Plants is the African Violet, a lovely specimen sure to be the focal point of your terrarium with its beautiful petals in purples, pinks, and whites.


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The African Violet isn't just renowned for its looks; it also happens to bloom all year round. The African Violet prefers a humid, warm environment, so the terrarium is a great vehicle to bring it into your home. Another Terrarium Garden Plant that would look smashing sharing a space with the African Violet is Spiderwort which also boasts violet flowers and leaves a bit greener than the traditional spider plants which don't have the floral bonus. The Variegated Spider Fern is also an excellent choice for your terrarium as it appreciates the high humidity and has incredible shiny leaves adding even more appeal enticing onlookers to explore inside the glass garden. The leaves are a little wild but not as rebellious as the Starfish Plant which has wayward leaves going in different directions and even changing color depending on the light. All of these plants and flowers would be great, but there are even more to choose from such as the Golden Clubmoss, Aquamarine, and the Friendship Plant.


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