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Three Seeded Sedge

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Three Seeded Sedge - Carex trisperma. The Three Seeded Sedge is a circumpolar species, found primarily in shady, mossy bogs and conifer swamps.

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Three Seeded Sedge is also known as Carex trisperma. A grass-like perennial herb of acidic peatlands that spreads underground. Three Seeded Sedge will get as tall as 1m. Stems are solitary and shortly spaced apart and sometimes form large colonies. The uppermost spike bears only staminate flowers; While the lower peaks bear just carpellate flowers.

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Rare in Massachusetts because of it’s cold climate. Starts to bloom in June and July and August. Once it matures, it will get up to 1-3 feet. It needs full sunlight and some shade. Berries that grow on this plant are edible, but they are sour and are not at all soft. Three seeded sedge, or Carex trisperma, is a grass that is native to Canada and the northern half of the US down to Tennessee. As the name implies, three seeded sedge usually has a seed pod with three clusters at the top. However, it occasionally appears with as many as five seeds. The groups contain berries that are not poisonous to eat for a human. The color of the plant is light green, and the clusters of seeds tend to be brighter, nearly yellow. Each shoot can grow anywhere from one to three feet in height. The grass needs at least some time in the full sun to reach its most significant potential, meaning that it does best in flatlands without shade or obstructions. The quirky appearance of the three seeded sedges comes from those berry clusters at the top that make it look very different from other grasses. It also prefers slightly wetter soil compared to other flatlands grasses, often appearing in swamps or similar places. It can even grow on top of the moss.

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