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The Three-Square Sedge, Schoenoplectus Pungens Is Perhaps Most Well-Known For Its Uses In Basket Weaving With Its Soft Stems

The three-square sedge, known as the common three-square in layman’s terms or the Schoenoplectus pungens (Vahl), is a rhizomatous perennial herb from the sedge family native to most of western North America. Its range spans South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and it appears in flood plains, ditches, streams, marshy areas, and along margins of pools and lakes. It occurs in various wetland and riparian plant communities; it usually grows in standing water, in either alkaline or saline conditions, and freshwater or even seasonal drought. Thanks to the three-square sedge's dense root mass, this plant serves as a stabilizer for disturbed or degraded areas, soil that suffered erosion and slope control, and wildlife food and cover.

The three-square sedge has many uses, especially for basket weaving with its soft and spongy stems. Weavers use triangular stems for the solid bottom and ribs of baskets, and they usually harvest the stems in August, which are then carefully bundled, so they do not bend. Once the stems dry, the weavers sort them out according to length and bundle them up for storage. The pithy, cylindrical stalks serve as matting, bedding, and roofing material, and weavers would spread out the common three-square in bundles, tie them together and secure them in place with poles as thatching material.

The Three-Square Sedge, Schoenoplectus Pungens Is Hardy Enough To Tolerate Even Salty Water Or Daily Fluctuating Tides

The three-square sedge also shows up as food, especially among the indigenous people of Canada who ate the fleshy rootstocks and rhizomes and used the stalks and oil on a child's head for effective hair growth. The three-square sedge's seeds serve as food for wetland birds like the baldpate, bufflehead, mallard, pintail, and tricolored blackbird. Stems provide shelter and nesting habitats for blackbirds and marsh wrens, and the three-square sedge serves as a marker for the snow geese during their migratory flights to the Skagit Delta and Bowerman Basin.

In growing three-square sedges, seed germination is quite tricky, so it is best to grow them from planting plugs as this ensures easy establishment for a new stand of this species. Plug spacing of thirty to forty-five centimeters fills in within one growing season, and soil must remain saturated. Fluctuating water levels help increase the rate of spread, and you can help manage water levels to enhance cloning expansion and mitigate weed control. As mentioned in the first paragraph, the three-square sedge tolerates long periods of drought and total inundation. Even salty water or daily tidal inundation is just as tolerable—whichever the outcome, these situations still aid in controlling terrestrial weeds.

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