Topiary moss is extraordinarily useful for sculptures who want to make forms and designs out of the foliage.

Topiary Moss

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Topiary Moss-genus Sphagnum Hardy Planting Zones- any Sun or Shade – Full sun to Full Shade Mature Height - any Mature Width- any Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner to Experienced

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The moss is utilized as a base to aid form the desired shape. Topiary moss is low maintenance and has no blooms. The blooms that you often see on topiary moss sculptures are other plants incorporated into the work. Topiary moss is an excellent choice to have in your yard or garden area. They grow best in hardy planting zones three to eleven. It can be used to grow many different sculptures in your yard, in front of your business or theme parks. This moss has no roots at all; it grows on oxygen alone. This moss can be tied up onto wire forms and grow. These ferns are most often found growing in Japanese gardens to create a Zen or peaceful ambiance. They are usually grown into an animal frame and is sure to look great not only to oneself but passersby.

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The forms are relatively easy to make and can shape by using mesh chicken wire. Once one has designed the way, it is essential to stuff it with the sphagnum moss tightly. After this point, a thick layer of clay-based soil should smear on the outside of the chicken wire. After this point, you can put the moss over the frame. It will need to be watered regularly, as it loves to be moist. You can use either rainwater or filtered water to keep it looking lush and green. The good thing about those is using just one type of moss to achieve the look that you want; however, typically, fern moss is used to make them.

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