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Tree Apron Moss

Tree Apron Moss

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Anomodon attenuatus is a feathery moss providing a green carpet at the base of trees and rocks. Tree Apron Moss is also known as "poodle moss" because of its dense, almost curly appearing "coat." Like other mosses, Tree Apron Moss likes moisture but

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Tree Apron Moss is a mystical and beautiful look that provides an elegant look and bright green color as it grows and coats the trunks and limbs of trees.

It grows great in areas and also in wooded areas and forest areas that the soils are moist and well drained. This plant also requires to be in full shade and receive very little sunlight as it grows and matures. This moss also gives a beautiful scent as it gets sunlight to warm it up. This moss looks particular good growing under trees or in a forest where it is hard for other moss to grow. Tree apron mosses are small plants without flowers. They tend to grow in mats or thick green clumps in damp or shady areas. The moss provides a luxurious, lush, beautiful green carpet that covers lawn areas. It can replace grass or cover any part of the ground the planter chooses. The plant’s leaves are only one cell thick and are perfect for decorating tree bark, rocks, fences, or other dense areas.

The plant enables landscape designers and gardeners to come up with a plethora of design ideas. Tree apron moss proliferates and is easy to grow. They also provide the perfect solution for enhanced curb appeal. Gardeners can plant and grow a large cluster that will make their yard look most impressive.

The benefits of growing tree apron moss include the following. Tree moss is low-maintenance as compared to the upkeep of traditional grass lawns. All it needs is moisture and sunlight that is slightly shaded. Even if property owners plant in areas of heavy sunlight, it should still be able to grow well enough.

Tree apron moss is also great for soaking up wet areas on properties where rain tends to overflow. Fantastic quality of the moss is that it can absorb ten times its weight in water. Another benefit of growing this type of moss is that it does not require fertilizers or other chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Common Tree Apron Moss – Anomodon attenuatus
Hardy Planting Zones- 2-7
Mature Height – 1″ – 2′ (if supported by a tree)
Mature Width- Varied
Bloom Season – Year-round
Gardener Status- Beginner
Soil Type- Loam / Clay Shade or Sun – Full Shade

Tree Apron Moss

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