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    Trumpet Vines

    Posted by Beth on May 16, 2019

    Arrived in good shape and wish me luck with the confounded rabbits!!

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    Posted by Adam Nester on Mar 16, 2018

    I love the orange and red!

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Trumpet Vine, Campsis Radicans is a Flowering Ground Cover or Vine


Trumpet Vine is also known as the Campsis Radicans. They typically thrive best when planted in hardy planting zones 3-9. Their expected growth rate can be up to 15 feet. The Trumpet Vine is a beautiful plant because it can add lots of colors and bring wildlife to your yard. A plus about the trumpet vine is that you will start seeing hummingbirds as soon as they bloom. The hummingbirds love the sweet nectar of these plant's flowers. But it doesn't only attract hummingbirds; it can also attract bees and deer.

The blooms can grow up to 6 inches long, are trumpet-shaped, and range from red to orange. The inside of the flower is yellow, and it holds the nectar. The red and orange color is what brings the hummingbirds to your yard. This plant can be considered as a groundcover or a vine because it has shallow roots and can grasp onto anything and climb on items in its path. It can grow along a trellis or arbor and fences. Although this plant can be planted in the shade, if planted in a shady area, it tends not to bloom as much; Their woody vine also helps this vine survive the cold winter months. The areas that do die will grow back in the spring. The best place to plant this vine would be on a trellis, fence, or a large pole to help support it.

 Trumpet Vines, Campsis Radicans is a Flowering, Hummingbird Attracting Plant

Trumpet vines are easy to grow a plant, making an open outdoor space into something beautiful. You can plant these plants in early summer, and their blooming times are midsummer, late summer, and early fall. Their beautiful blooms can be red, orange, gold, or bright yellow.

Scientific name: Campsis Radicans

USDA climate zone: four through ten

tree height: twenty to thirty feet

soil type: regularly watered soil

Sun: sun to partial shade

The plant's spectacular blooms contain sweet nectar that can attract both hummingbirds and bumblebees, a welcome addition to any blossoming garden. This plant is a fast-growing creeper plant; if given ample room to grow, it can quickly cover walls, fences, arbors, or benches with its beautiful flowers. Until the plant establishes within the regular garden, watering is recommended. Once the plant takes full root, it thrives exceptionally well on its own. It makes a perfect addition to any outdoor space that needs some color or character. The blooms are beautiful to look at during the summer and early fall. When not in bloom, the vines themselves still look lovely, covering the area.

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