Tufted Hairgrass

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The Tufted Hairgrass, Deschampsia Cespitosa Is An Excellent Candidate In Restoring Disturbed Areas And Stabilizing Water Banks

Tufted hairgrass is a highly variable, perennial cool-season species that grow from twenty to sixty inches tall with upright stems and tiny basal leaves clumped in dense tufts. Its panicles either protrude or nod, and these panicles are loosely branched, open, and just around four to ten inches long. Each spikelet has two florets, and flowering occurs from May to September, and seeds mature from late June to late September, depending on location.

Tufted hairgrass helps restore moisture to seasonally wet prairies and stabilizing disturbed sites, streambanks, canals, shorelines, and upper tidal marshes. It also serves as a candidate in acid and heavy metal mine spoil reclamation, alpine, boreal revegetation work, and bio-filtration swales. Its design makes it a desirable, productive forage for cattle and sheep, particularly at higher elevations, and it serves as food for deer, elk, pronghorn, bison, bear, horses. Meanwhile, it only serves as a shelter for small mammals, upland game birds, songbirds, and waterfowl, depending on wildlife species and location. The tufted hairgrass also serves as a larval food plant for several butterflies in North America and is the host for at least 40 species of Lepidopteran insects worldwide. Botanists and scientists bread varieties as wear-resistant turf for golf courses, sports fields, and other uses.

The Tufted Hairgrass, Deschampsia Cespitosa Is Also One Of The Most Widely-Distributed Grasses On Earth

As one of the most widely distributed grasses on earth, tufted hairgrass grows in many arctic and temperate regions. It occurs from sea level to fourteen thousand feet in the mountains. Its habitats include coastal terraces, upper tidal marshes, seasonally wet prairies, moist subalpine mountain meadows, open forests, and alpine areas. Though it slowly establishes during the first year, tufted hairgrass originating at low elevations in the Pacific Northwest can thrive with much better results and dominate a site by the end of the second growing season if sown heavily. In places where species diversity is a goal, space for forbs and other grasses may require seed mixes containing no more than ¼ to ½ lb of tufted hairgrass seed per acre. Populations occupy moderately moist to seasonally flooded, sunny to partially shaded environments with a wide variety of soil types that range from coarse, mesic, to acidic, and pH ranging from 3.5 to 7.5. Some populations of the tufted hairgrass have extreme tolerance to heavy metals and high soil acidity. The tufted hairgrass has a low salinity tolerance, but plants occurring in coastal estuaries may be slightly more salt tolerant.  Crowns typically survive all; however, the most severe is the hottest fires.

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