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Twisted Sedge

Twisted Sedge

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Carex Torta- Perennial Habit: Grass/Grass-like. Root Type: Fibrous Leaf Arrangement: Alternate Leaf

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Twisted Sedge has many uses, for example Landscaping and environmental projects 

The Twisted Sedge, Carex Torta, is a perennial grass that is native to Eastern North America, zones 7-10, and to Eastern Canada. It gets its name from the flat triangular tip of the apex of the perigynium, which is often twisted. Twisted Sedge grows from 1’-3’ tall, and flowers in spikes, in the early to mid spring, with purple, yellow, green, and brown blooms. The grass thrives best in part sun to part shade, near the edge of the water, in sandy to sandy- loam soil that is over cobble or gravel. You will find twisted sedge in rocky/gravelly river beds, on stream banks, and near other rocky, moist areas. Twisted Sedge is often used for erosion control along river and stream banks, lake edges, etc.

If you are looking for a plant to fill gaps and holes in your landscaping, perhaps around larger and bolder plants, you may want to consider the Twisted Sedge.

Twisted Sedge is short to the ground, a bit bushy, and are made up of long strands of slender leaves, coming in a variety of colors. These plants are a perfect compliment for plants with brighter colors, or if you would like to make an area of the landscaping appear a bit fuller. The plants have a sort of sweeping appearance, with the long strands hanging on every side, almost looking like a head of string hair.
Based on the fact that these plants have a pretty straightforward length and width, they can be strategically placed in a garden to make a pattern, which makes it a very versatile plant as well. They grow to a range of eighteen inches to two feet and prefer partial to full sun while maintaining a well-watered soil. They can be grown on the border of a fence, can be grown in the ground and grow well in planter boxes. Twisted Sedge is known as a plant that does very well in containers as well, so even those people that are living in an apartment, or want to grow some plants on a balcony can consider Twisted Sedge as an option.

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