Twisted Sedge has many uses, for example Landscaping and environmental projects.

Twisted Sedge

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Carex Torta- Perennial Habit: Grass/Grass-like. Root Type: Fibrous Leaf Arrangement: Alternate Leaf

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The Twisted Sedge, Carex Torta, is a perennial grass that is native to Eastern North America, zones 7-10, and to Eastern Canada. It gets its name from the flat triangular tip of the apex of the perigynium. Twisted Sedge grows from 1’-3’ tall, and flowers in spikes, in the early to mid-spring, with purple, yellow, green, and brown blooms. The grass thrives best in part sun to part shade, near the edge of the water, in sandy to sandy- loam soil that is over cobble or gravel. You will find twisted Sedge in rocky/gravelly river beds, on stream banks, and near other rocky, moist areas. Twisted Sedge used for erosion control along river and stream banks, lake edges, etc.

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Twisted Sedge is short to the ground, a bit bushy, and are made up of long strands of slender leaves, coming in a variety of colors. These plants are a perfect compliment for plants with brighter colors, or if you would like to make an area of the landscaping appear a bit fuller. The plants have a sort of sweeping appearance, with the long strands hanging on every side, almost looking like a head of string hair. Based on the fact that these plants have a pretty straightforward length and width, they can be strategically placed in a garden to make a pattern, which makes it a very versatile plant as well. They grow to a range of eighteen inches to two feet and prefer partial to full sun while maintaining a well-watered soil. They grow on the border of a fence, can be grown in the ground and grow well in planter boxes. Twisted Sedge; a plant that does very well in containers as well, so even those people that are living in an apartment, or want to grow some plants on a balcony can consider Twisted Sedge as an option.

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