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Vinca Major is also a common ornamental plant used in temperate zone landscaping.

Vinca Major

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Periwinkle (Creeping Myrtle)-Vinca minor Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 3-6" (vines to 18" long) Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Late Spring (May-June) Gardener Status- Novice-Experienced

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Vinca Major is a European Periwinkle.

It grows into a creeping vine, forming a dense ground cover. Vinca Major grows well in the sun or shade; It grows naturally in wet woodlands, on river banks, and along thickets; Vinca Major is also a common ornamental plant used in temperate zone landscaping; It provides ample ground cover, evergreen foliage, and decorative vines.

Vinca Major is also known as Big Leaf Periwinkle.

It is native to the western Mediterranean and often found in Europe and northern Africa. This plant is impressive when planted in partially shaded areas and also does excellent in fertile and well-drained soil conditions. This plant can grow and become 3 feet and looks great as it provides beautiful small purple flowers. Typically this plant is planted as a ground cover since it can spread indefinitely. This particular vine will trail along the ground. It roots along the stems which in turn forms dense masses of ground cover. The foliage of this plant will grow in an opposite pattern and are typically round. The color of the leaf is dark and glossy green. In texture, it will usually have a leathery feel to it. This vine is great to plant in areas that are heavy in the shade where other plants may be less likely to thrive as well. It will also add a naturalized effect to a wood garden; often planted in areas that experience erosion since it can help prevent erosion from happening. It is also deer and drought resistant. If wanting to cover a small area quickly with this vine, it is best to plant them eight inches apart. In a larger area, they should plant about twelve to eighteen inches apart.

USDA Climate Zone: 6 – 9
Shrub Height: 1 – 3 Feet
Soil Type: Prefers Fertile, Well-drained Soil
Sun: Prefers Partial Shade

Vinca Major Ships As – Bareroot Plant


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