Vinca Periwinkle Vine is an exceptional and classic ground cover, excellent for controlling erosion on embankments and hillsides.

Vinca Periwinkle Vine

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Periwinkle (Creeping Myrtle)-Vinca minor Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 3-6" (vines to 18" long) Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Late Spring (May-June) Gardener Status- Novice-Experienced

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Hardy in Zones 4-8, it is drought resistant and easy to grow. Periwinkle grows best in acidic soil in partial shade and needs good drainage, but can adapt to a variety of conditions. This spreading vine gets its name from the beautiful periwinkle blue flowers that dot the glossy green foliage in spring. It reaches four inches in height, but one plant may spread several feet across. An evergreen perennial, periwinkle is a hardy plant that is beautiful underneath trees where grass may be challenging to grow. It is deer and rabbit resistant and will provide years of beauty naturalized in woodland areas, as a ground cover, or even as a container plant. Creeping Myrtle, also known as periwinkle or vinca minor, is an easy to grow vine or ground cover.

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It will form a thick flowering carpet of vines that stays green year round and then blesses with the lovely little purple flowers each spring. Vinca Minor is exceptionally hardy once established and can handle whatever sun or soil it is given, even poor soils. As the vine grows, it sets down new roots wherever it touches the ground, so in time it will spread to fill any area you wish to load. Creeping Myrtle stays low to the ground, but it grows thick enough to choke out weeds. The periwinkle purple flowers can appear almost any time of year, but the most substantial bloom period is in late spring to early summer.
USDA Climate Zone: 4-8
Mature Height: 4 - 8 Inches
Mature Width: 6 - 12 Inches
Sun: Partial to Full Shade
Soil Type: Adaptable to all soils

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