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Virginia Bluebell, Mertensia Virginica is Hardy in Planting Zones 3-10

You will find beautiful Virginia Bluebells along many streams and surrounding areas throughout Virginia in the United States. You will see acres and acres of this plant blooming in the spring. It's also known as Mertensia Virginica. It's a significant long live perennial plant that can populate a garden or other growing space for years and years. Usually, the flower blooms in blue but not, and then you will see them in shades of pink or white. You can propagate them to grow in your garden. This should be done for best results when they are dormant in the fall. The hardiness planting zones for this flower are 3 through 10, and they are resistant to rabbits and deer and have minimal problems with pests. They do best when planted in an average soil rich with hummus and can flourish in full sun or semi-shade conditions. These beautiful flowers can mature to a height of 18-24 inches. The best time to plant the bulb blasted Bluebells is in the early to mid-fall. Exposing them to 3 or 4 months of colder weather conditions allows them to set their roots, and you can expect them to appear in the early signs of spring, with blooming occurring in mid to later spring. March or April depending on how early your spring arrives.


Virginia Bluebell, Mertensia Virginica is Ideal for Massing Together in Groups and Lining them around Other Plants and Flowers 

Their key feature is the beautiful blue tubular flowers they sprout and are contrasted by their long, vibrant green pointy leaves when healthy. They hang in clusters, and you will get an added addition to your scenery when they begin to attract butterflies. They are ideal for massing together in groups and lining them around other plants and flowers. Virginia bluebells would be a welcome and enhancing addition to any garden or landscaping design and are always something pretty to look forward to each spring.


Virginia Bluebells, Mertensia Virginica is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

 The Virginia Bluebell, also called Mertensia Virginica, is a garden princess that recently gained ranks among garden species. It is from the Mertensia genus. Other popular types of Mertensia include Mertensia Maritima, Mertensia Sibirica etc. 

The Virginia Bluebell is characterized by terete, light green, and hairless stem. In addition, the Virginia Bluebell is attributed with light green leaves that grow up to 3.5" wide and 7" long and some beautiful flowers usually in shades of blue, which grow up to 0.75" to 1.25" in length. 

These gorgeous perennial plants thrive under low shady woodlands and have been used as colors to gardens and landscapes in recent times. These beautiful plants are native to North America and some parts of Asia. However, Mertensia is mainly found in alpine, montane, and subalpine regions. Notably, the Virginia Bluebell is endemic to rocky areas. 

Unfortunately, the Virginia Bluebell has been endangered recently, with many scientists are raising alarms due to the fear of this beautiful species being likely to go extinct. The danger they faced has been credited to their habitat loss. Therefore, the need for breeders to incorporate these unusual plants into their gardens is high, as this can be the best way to ensure that this great plant has existed for many years. 

The Virginia Bluebell is usually attributed to beautiful deep purple leaves in early springs. However, the leaves suddenly turn green as they mature. The Virginia Bluebell is renowned for producing flowers that blossom in mid-spring and maintain their beauty up to mid-summer before the plant goes dormant. This gorgeous plant is known to grow up to 61cm (12 inches) tall. 

As some people will say, the Virginia Bluebells love to show off their flowers. They show off their beauty by handing down bell-shaped flowers in clusters. This feature makes the plant stand out in the gardens of different species. Thus, the Virginia Bluebell is not only limited to mere physical beautification. They also produce a good fragrance that is pleasing and comforting to people. However, bees and birds find the Virginia Bluebell attractive and always see them in open spaces.  

However, the Virginia Bluebell is widely labeled to be an invasive species. The plant tends to spread and multiply quickly and sometimes in an undesirable manner. Therefore, it is advised that a breeder or gardener be aware of the Virginia Bluebells self-seeds as they can rapidly form colonies or dense clumps. 

Although the Virginia Bluebell is easy to maintain, it is equally important to know where to plant them. Virginia Bluebell excels in shady areas or dappled sun. They enjoy staying in moist areas with organic or rich soil nutrients. However, you can keep this plant amid other species to help provide it with a reliable amount of shade. 

Best Time to Harvest: Mid-Spring 

Zones: 3 to 10

Soil: Loamy soil

Height: 1 to 2 feet

Water: Medium moisture

Sun exposure: medium to heavy shade

Ship As: Bareroot

 Virginia Bluebell plants for Sale are among the most sorted choices for our customers because of their easy maintenance and size. So buy today and create beautiful landscapes for your homes or workplaces
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Virginia Blue Bell-Mertensia virginica Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade ??Part to Full Shade Mature Height - 18-24" Mature Width- up to 24" Bloom Season ??Spring (May) Gardener Status- Beginner
Planting Zones 3-10
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