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Virginia Rose

Virginia Rose

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: ROSA VIRGINIANA USDA climate zone: six Flower height: six feet tall Flower spread: two-three inches wide Soil type: salt marshes, moist soils, and heavy clayey soils Sun: full sunlight

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Virginia rose is excellent for general eye appeal but also because the plant is fruit-bearing and can be sustained through the winter when most other plants will likely have died off.

The Virginia Rose is known as rosa virginiana in Latin. This shrub grows about four to six feet tall. The shiny green leaves turn yellow and red in the fall. It produces stunning pink flowers and other colors that are two to three inches in diameter. These flowers grow in clusters of five to eight.

This shrub grows in several states in the United States, Newfoundland, and Ontario. They are found in marshes, pastures, gardens, forests, and borders. These shrubs grew well in moist soil, full sun and partial shade. It weathers the winter well and is an easy shrub to grow. Other names for this rose are pasture rose and wild rose.

This plant is a perennial and grow in zones 3 to 8. It takes a few years when grown by seed. To reduce the waiting time scarify the seed to break down the tough outer coating of the seed. Place the seed in damp peat moss at temperatures from 27 to 32 degrees for about four or five months before planting.

This shrub spreads when growing making it suitable for larger gardens and landscapes. Pruning the roots every few years will keep it from spreading. It is best planted in a new garden giving it room to spread. It goes well in borders and areas that it can grow.

Plant the seedlings in individual pots, and let them grow. Plant them in the warmer weather when they reach more than 25 centimeters high. Using this process helps to grow the shrubs more quickly from seed.

When pruning this plant in the winter, remove the diseased areas dead leaves, and blooms. These shrubs are available from local garden centers, growers, and plant nurseries. They attract butterflies and birds with their red fruit. In the winter the berries feed many birds.

The Virginia Rose is a plant that is a member of the rose family, and also happens to be the most commonly found wild rose in eastern North America. It is also known as the Prairie Rose or the Common Wild Rose, though it's true scientific name is "rosa virginiana." The rose itself can grow up in larger shrubs, has between five and seven pink glossy petals grow out from it. The rose is also a deciduous rose, meaning it can be found in thickets, meadows, and roadsides.Another appealing aspect of the rose is that it is resistant to certain diseases that can affect other roses.

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