Wholesale Website Warranty

We offer no warranty on plants purchased wholesale for non-nursery licensed companies. We do not offer the arrive alive on purchases for the non-wholesale business. We offer an arrive alive warranty of 24 hours for all businesses with a valid nursery license to open all packages to inspect, count, and inspect your merchandise.

No other warranties are written, expressed, or implied on our wholesale websites.


We can not accept cancellations on orders once they are dug. However, your welcome to call us and check, and if it's not been dug yet, we can cancel your order, but we do charge a 20% restocking fee.

Remember, we ship dormant plants. While they may appear dead or not blooming, in all likelihood, they are just dormant and will bloom seasonally with planting and proper care. You can refer to our FAQ page to see how various types of plants look when shipped dormant and how to perform the "scratch test" to confirm your plants are just dormant, not dead.


 Here is our return policy for in store credits listed, click here

Scratch test

We ship Bare Root Stock during the "Dormant" Season, when plants do not have leaves, foliage or blooms.

Below (left) is an example of how our bare root crepe myrtles or any trees will look when we ship them. They will be dormant, without foliage. Plant these trees in cool weather and the spring (right). Here's a picture of how these trees will look (when planted and cared for properly) the following spring.


bareroot trees


Below is a picture of our shrubs shipped bare root

Here is a picture of the shrubs - packaged as they will look when received. The picture to the right is how they will look the following spring if taken care of.


bareroot shrubs

The picture below shows berry plants (left) in a dormant stage without leaves, blooms, or berries. Plant as soon as you receive them, and in the spring, they will "green out" and produce (right).bareroot-fruiting.png/p>



Ground Cover Plants at time of shipment:

On the left is how the ground cover plant will look at shipment. On the right is how they will look the following spring!



Grass plugs at time of shipment:

We do not ship grasses in colder months due to the tops being gone. Also, we will not ship a grass species without identifying it, as these are grown in large fields with other species of carex and other grasses. It is best to wait for warmer months when identification is possible.




All our perennial bare root stock is dug fresh to order

We dig our perennials, then take them to our shipping warehouse, spray with wilt proof, and then dip in terra sorb gel. Both are transparent, and you can not see it, but when you feel your bulbs, you will know the inside is in superior health is soft, full of moisture, and pliable. We wrap the roots (or place them in plastic zip-lock bags) for a short shipping period of 3-4 days. The plastic seals in the moisture, which is further needed for transit, and we utilize peat most to aid in moisture retention.




Ferns at time of shipment (left). Following season (right).


Our bare root ferns are shipped just like our perennials. Dug fresh and packed with care to ensure the arrive in excellent condition.




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