Wholesale Warranty 

Our Warranty to you – We are a wholesale Nursery, we do not charge for replacement plants if they die. We guarantee all plants to arrive in excellent condition. No further warranties are impressed, implied or offered after 24 hours of received on quantities ordered on  any item ,which is considered bought at a lower wholesale price. If you have a problem with a large quantity order, Immediately call us and return within 24 hours or all warranties are null and void. We also reserve the right to substitute any product for one similar or of same or greater value unless you write a comment in checkout (under messages) specifying “no substitutions”.

We package all plants in boxes and breakage seldom happens. We are not responsible for carrier damage or lost in transit items . Customer must file claims for any problems they may have with carrier damage or lost items. Insurance is available upon request.

Order Cancelling

Once you place your order online, the order is sent directly to the fields. If you need to cancel your order we will be happy to do so unless it’s left our office to be dug in the tree farms. Reason being is because our workers go to the fields to dig our plants does not have cell phone reception in most areas they dig in and there’s no way we can contact them and tell them not to dig after it leaves our office. No exceptions.

If you refuse an order for bare root plants, they will go to a dead mail center, not back to us. We ship fragile bare root plants and by the time they return to us, they will be dead. We are not responsible for lost in transit, refused or damaged stock ordered.

How To Protect Your Plants If You Can Not Plant When Received