Water willows or Justicia Americana's are aquatic flowers commonly found in North America.

Water Willow

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Latin Name-Justicia Americana Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-2-4ft Width-1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

Water willows or Justicia Americana's are aquatic flowers commonly found in North America.

Water willows are often used as food by ducks, fish, deer, reptiles and other similar animals in the wild. These plants are considered a perennial because it can live up to two years or longer compared to most plants that are seasonal. Water willows produce underground stems called slender rhizomes that allow them to grow large colonies. Since this plant lives more extended than most plants similar in size, they can sustain their colonies for more extended periods. These colonies can grow over a thousand square feet; found in large ribbons around the waterfront or shorelines of lakes and streams; these often appear as mats due to there dense roots. This plant located on the outskirts of the United States in places like Vermont to Texas;  also found in Canada on the northern parts of Quebec and Ontario; mainly found in the Mid-West to the East coast. Water willows often grow in shallow waters on the sides of rivers and streams where the land riffles. These plants must stay in the moist or wet soil; These plants grow best in sunny to partially sunny areas; They can thrive in USDA Zone 3a to 10b depending on the temperature. Water willows alone can grow any time of year except winter. This plant can grow 2 to 4 ft tall. Often, though the Water willows can grow most of the year, they bloom flowers from May to October or June to September depending on the location, Water Willows often grow white flowers with purple inner trim. Their flowers grow about a ½ inch in diameter and branch from long thin stems. Water willows are part of the Acanthus family which contains more than two thousand related species. This family ranges from herbs to small trees and bushes.

Water Willow is a perennial that can grow in a variety of soil conditions. It grows well in any soil but does the best in wet.

It will thrive up to four feet tall when fully mature. It will need a full sunlight environment to survive and will bloom during the summer months of the year. The flowers are combinations of purple and violets that make it stand out in your landscape. This plant is also perfect for helping prevent and deal with soil erosion problems in your yard.

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