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White Dogwood Tree, Cornus Florida is a Beautiful Flowering Perennial Deciduous

The white princess flowering dogwood tree is a favorite among both gardening and landscaping experts alike. And it's easy to see why their large fragrant blossoms enhance the beauty of a yard; Which begins to bloom in Mid to late April into May. They make lovely ornamental plants and create a beautiful oasis for any landscaping project. Even though the white princess flowering dogwood tree does well in full sunlight, it thrives when placed in areas with partial shade! They have a slow growth rate, reaching a height of twenty feet in twenty-five years. The white princess adapts well to any soil but does the best in that somewhat acidic. Sometimes adding various organic matter to it will do the trick. It's essential to keep them well-watered. However, make sure not to over-saturate the soil. Highly sought after in the landscaping community, these trees produce beautiful red, pink, and white blossoms among their twisting branches. They're usually sent to the consumer entirely rooted inside a flower pot, enabling it to arrive in tip-top shape.

White Dogwood Tree, Cornus Florida Attract Specific Species of Birds with their Berry Production


The White Princess Dogwood Tree, also known as the Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree, is known for its beautiful white flowers and smaller among the three families. When you prune this beautiful tree, you'll be sure to keep it coming back each year. These types of trees can grow up to five feet tall, although it has been known to grow up to thirty feet tall. While it does produce fruit, most people don't like to eat it, unlike birds, who prefer the taste of the berries.

For growing conditions, this tree favors having partial sun and moist ground that has acidic soil. This tree grows in USDA zones that range from a five to a nine. It's best to plant them in either the spring or fall when the weather is more favorable. These trees are suitable for attracting specific types of birds, which is excellent for those who enjoy watching them feed. They're not a fragrant type of tree, and they produce the most beautiful colors during the fall when the leaves change color, and they produce berries or in the spring when their blossoms bloom. When planting this dogwood; covered with two to four inches of mulch. Doing so will help ensure that the roots are kept cold and moist.

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A favorite tree among many gardeners, the White Dogwood Tree is an excellent landscape pick for all four seasons. 

They are also known as Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree is the smallest of the three dogwood families and is recognized for its stunning white blossoms. The botanical name of the White Dogwood tree is Cornus florida. It is a flowering tree native to eastern North America and northern Mexico. The tree is widely grown as an attractive plant in residential and public locations because of its brilliant petals and smooth bark structure. 

The blooming White Dogwood tree is a flowering tree belonging to the Cornaceae family. It is a widely chosen plant among gardeners and landscapers because of its ornamental features. Its enormous fragrant blossoms blooming from mid-April to late May add to the attractiveness of a yard. An excellent ornamental plant, the White Dogwood tree forms a delightful oasis in any landscaping endeavor. While Dogwood flowers of the tree bloom in the Spring, the foliage turns a vivid crimson-purple in the fall, and glossy red berries entice winter songbirds for everyone's enjoyment.

These trees thrive best in broad sunlight, although they prefer partial shade. It's preferable to plant it in the Spring or fall when the weather is better. The Dogwood trees can reach a height of 5 feet but have been reported to reach 30 feet tall. It grows slowly, reaching a maximum height of 20 feet in twenty-five years. It is versatile to any soil but thrives in slightly acidic soil and various other types, including clay, loam, moist, rich, sandy, well-drained, and clay. It prefers to be in a damp environment. Adding organic elements to it can sometimes help the tree to grow fast. When you trim this lovely tree, you'll ensure that it returns year after year. 

Many animals eat the fruit, seed, twigs, blossoms, green leaves, and the White Dogwood Tree bark. Studies show that at least 36 birds, including bobwhite quail, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey, love to eat the deciduous white flowering dogwood. The tree attracts chipmunks, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, deer, beaver, skunks, black bears, and other mammals while deer and bunnies graze intensively on the foliage and twigs.


Cultural Description of White Dogwood Tree:

Botanical Name: Cornus florida

Belongs to: Cornaceae family

Bloom Time: Mid-April to late May

Soil Type: Grows best in acidic, loamy, well-drained soil

Water: Medium

Native to: Eastern North US and northern Mexico

Attractive to: Various birds and animals 

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Growth Rate: Mediumheight increases by 13–24" every year.

Hardiness Zones: Zones 5-9

Mature Height of the Tree: 25' long and 25' wide at maturity

Fall Color: Leaves turns red-purple

Ship as: Bareroot

Best Time to Harvest: Spring, Summer

History: A tree of Virginia and Missouri

An evergreen tree, the White Dogwood tree is ideal for planting near utility lines, large buildings, or patios. It also looks great when planted alongside pink or red dogwoods. 

Buy White Dogwood to ornament your garden with the beautiful, snowy flowers in Spring!


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The White Princess Dogwood Tree, which is also known as the Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree is known for its beautiful white flowers and is smaller among the three families.
Planting Zones 5-9
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