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White Oak Tree

White Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus Alba Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 70-100 ft Width-40-50 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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White Oak Tree – Quercus Alba

White Oak tree is a hardwood tree that grows naturally in North and Central America.

The tree is mostly tall and wide at the top. Maturity takes an extended period when the branches become widely spread and make the head very broad. The color of its bark is gray and not white as the names sounds. It takes approximately 20 years for this tree to first bloom. The bloom period happens from March and lasts about two weeks. The time varies depending on the area where the trees are located. Male trees produce yellow-green flowers while female ones deliver red-green flowers.

The white oak tree grows best in areas with soils that are poorly drained. Grounds that are alkaline are more suitable for the growth of these trees. There are cases where the plant will thrive in wet soils and sunlight should be constant. This species can grow to heights of between 80 and 100 feet. The elevation is dependent on altitude where trees grow. In high altitudes, this species only grow to be short shrubs while at low altitudes they can grow to be very tall. Trees can live for over 200 years where they grow naturally. Wood from this plant is used in making floors and building of houses.

The Quercus Alba, better known as the white oak tree, is found primarily in eastern and central North America. It can grow to enormous heights as high as 140 feet and produces tons of shade through it’s far extended branches. This tree’s leaves go through a vast array of colors, from a bright pink in the spring to a bright cherry red in the fall, and its bark varies from light brown to white depending on the season. Though the white oak’s prime blooming time is in the spring, it’s leaves can sometimes stay intact even through harsh winters, making it seem as though it is in full bloom throughout the entire year. Its sexual maturity begins at around twenty years of age. At approximately fifty years old it produces acorns that attract squirrels, making it a hotspot for critters in October when they finally fall to the ground. These enormous trees typically live up to 300 years old, though the earliest known tree was estimated to be over 600 years old. These plants are usually not planted for enjoyment, though they do not typically require any particular kind of soil to blossom.

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