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  • White Oak Trees
  • White Oak Trees

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White oak Trees are a strong tree that can serve a variety of purposes

 If you are looking for a tall, proud tree that you can plant in your home or office garden, then you might be thinking about planting a White Oak Tree. Many people use this tree to bring their entire landscape together while also dazzling their friends and family members with its gorgeous colors. What are a few of the top reasons you should plant this tree in your garden? Remember to reach out to tree professionals and plant experts to learn more about taking care of this tree!


White Oak Trees are an excellent addition to your home or office landscape. These include:

  • This tree is an excellent source of shade throughout the year. It can keep your friends and family members cool when the temperature heats up outside.
  • The colors are dazzling. When the leaves first bloom, they have a pretty green color. Then, the leaves start to change to orange, brown, and red from the outside edges of the leaves inward as the temperature starts to cool.
  • This tree has one of the most extended lifespans. It can live for centuries with the right growing conditions.
  • This Oak tree is excellent for the environment. Its leaves can remove carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen that all living creates need to grow.
  • Because of the beautiful colors, this Oak tree can work with just about any other flower or tree in your home or office garden.
  • The White Oak produces acorns that fall to the ground throughout the year. Lots of animals eat these acorns to survive.

These are a handful of the top reasons this tree is an excellent choice for your home or office garden.

White Oak Trees are For Sale At Tn Wholesale Nursery

If you want to add this Tree to your home or office garden, work with tree experts who know how to take care of them. At Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we have tons of experience working with this tree. Our tree team can take a look at your property and find the best trees to help you. Contact us today!

The name white oak originally referred to Quercus Alba, also known as cross-shaped oak, one of the more important timber trees. It is a vast and shade tree and can be found all over the Eastern Shore area. White oak trees are native to North America, with natural varieties extending from southern Canada to Florida, Texas, and Minnesota.
The white oak is a tremendous, powerful, and imposing tree. It has a gigantic horizontal extremity and a stocky stem. The crown is formed by the crown's wide-spreading branches, which include an upright, broad-rounded height.
The wood is light grey, with narrow folds that bark scaly. These trees are unusual in that they produce both male and female flowers. Male flowers are two to four inches long and green or yellowish, while female flowers are slightly red.
The leaves of the tree are green and smooth, with a lighter underside, and turn red in the fall. The leaves have7 to 9 rounded lobes and are wider at the tip than the base. They are in a range of sizes from 5 to 9 inches.
These trees can grow in many wet and dry soils, but they grow on well-drained slopes, uplands, and gardens. Immature trees require full sun, but mature trees can tolerate some shade. It has the potential to live for a long time. Most white oaks have been known to live for 500 to 600 years, and they can live even longer if planted in the right environment. Each year, the trees can grow one to two feet in height. At the age of 20, the white oak begins to produce seeds that are light green to brown in appearance and have a thin brown cap. The acorns of white oaks are more delicate and longer than red or black oaks.
Like all other oak trees, white oaks are pollinated by the wind. The Male and female flowers of this tree grow on the same tree; male flowers are yellow-green drooping clusters, and female flowers are small, red, and petal-less.
This tree is helpful for various interior decorative items such as cabinetry, furniture (especially church furniture), and hardwood flooring. White oak bark tea is helpful to treat pain, stomach cramps, colds, fever, cough, and bronchitis and enhance appetite and improve digestion.
For pain and swelling (infection), mouth, throat, genitals, and region, some people apply oak bark directly to the skin or add it to a warm bath; and for red skin problems due to cold stress. White oak bark contains tannins, which may aid in treating wounds and inflammatory responses.
The significant uses of oak bark treat inflammatory conditions such as bleeding gums and hemorrhoids. It is massively used to treat acute diarrhea as well. For the skin's pain and swelling (inflammation) and red itchy skin caused by cold exposure, apply oak bark directly to the skin or add it to bathwater.
Sun exposure: Full sun
Water requirement: Moderate moisture
Zone: 4 to 9
Best time to Harvest: Spring
Ship as: Bareroot
Height at maturity: 59 to 80 ft tall

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Additional Information

Latin Name- Quercus Alba Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 70-100 ft Width-40-50 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun
Planting Zones 4-9
$9.99 - Ships Fall
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