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White Pine Tree

White Pine Tree

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Pinus Strobus- Growth- Rapid- Mature Height- 60'- Zones 4-9

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The White Pine tree or Pinus strobus is native to North America.

This pine can be found throughout Canada and across the United States. This pine does best in moist or dry, well-drained soils with acidic environments. Although this is a hardy tree that has flourished in new environments like the United Kingdom, it is sensitive to pollution and road salt. This type of tree prefers full sun and partial shade with a minimum of four hours of direct light every day. White Pines can grow almost one meter yearly during its 15th and 45th year. Before and after this period, growth still occurs but at a much slower pace. Currently, the tallest White Pine still standing is 188 feet and 10 inches tall. This large Pinus strobus can have diameters that average from 3 feet 3 inches across to 5 feet 3 inches, however, with the popularity of logging operations, the largest trees are becoming rarer.

Although White Pines used to cover a large area of North America, only around one percent of these original forests remain, many of which are protected national parks.

The White Pine tree has needles in groups of usually five leaves and is a deciduous plant. These needles are a bluish-green color and are flexible. These types of needles make the White Pine a popular choice for Christmas trees as well as landscaping. The needles grow to between two to five inches long, and as an evergreen type of tree, they last for nearly 18 months. This makes the tree at great windbreak. The scaled cones of the White Pine are thin and between three and six inches long. Cone is produced in mass every three to five years. Adult trees range from 200 to 250 years old, while some have been dated to 400 or even 500 years old.

Scientific Name: Pinus Strobus
USDA Climate Zone: 3-8
Tree Height: 50-80 Feet
Tree Width: 20-40 Feet
Growth/Year: 1-2 Feet
Soil Type: Needs well-drained soil
Sun: Full Sun to light shade
Nurseries cultivate the White Pine, and often grown in parks and gardens. Some use them as Christmas Trees because they don’t have a strong smell, are shaped like the ideal Christmas Tree, and the needles stay intact. White Pines are easy to care for, and often live over 400 years. They are easily moved and will grow quickly in the right environment.