Evergreen Conifers

Get Year-Around Green with Evergreen Conifers

Evergreens are trees that stay green all year round, as opposed to deciduous trees that shed their leaves during winter or in the dry season. They have a unique characteristic; they do not shed all their foliage at the same time. When the old foliage drops, new ones grow back to replace the old ones. Many of these trees are coniferous; evergreen conifers have cones rather than leaves or needles. Evergreens come in small and large varieties: Evergreen shrubs, such as Privet Hedges make excellent hedges for privacy and security. Some shrubs, such as the Mountain Laurel, are considered both an evergreen shrub and a flowering shrub. Larger evergreen trees, such as the Eastern Red Cedar, can help reduce wind and reduce light and noise when planted along a property line.

Evergreen conifers are verstile and easy to grow

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Evergreen Coinfers are a #1 Seller at our nursery because of their year-round beauty. They can provide many decades of year-round beauty in a landscape