Ground Cover Vines

Vines Make Excellent Ground covers and Help Control Weeds

Our nursery has a diverse selection of vines and ground covers. These can add dimension, color, and sometimes fragrance to your garden.Vines can be used used to control weeds, such as vinca minor, a lovely little plant that spreads even in densely shaded garden spots. Vinca minor has delicate flowers ranging from white to vivid purple. Undesirable weeds are covered and shaded out, leaving a cover of vinca that is all the same height and color.

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English Ivy is a climbing plant that’s easy to grow - Choose Easy Ground Covers For All Your Landscaping Needs

English ivy climbs up and over walls, rocks, and other features. It does this by extending roots ending in grasping pads capable of holding almost any material. Its dense, dark leaves will obscure anything under them and eliminate unsightly weeds. It does, however, need to be kept in check. Wisteria has long bushy purple blooms. The vines are very thick and robust and can grow full and lush in a short period.


Ground Cover Vines Is Hardy In Most Zones, Easy To Grow and Little Maintenance

Weeds or Erosion Issues? Ground Covers to the Rescue!

If you are looking for a way to control those pesky weeds that keep invading the garden, you can’t go wrong with a ground cover plant. Weeds can grow, spread and take over an area of the yard, killing the desirable plants in the area. 


Ground cover plants carpet the ground in a thick layer of foliage, branches, and flowers. They choke out weeds by shading the soil. A weed would have to climb its way through lots of dense foliage to get a ray of sunshine. Most weeds are not up to the task. 


Ground cover plants also tend to take over the soil with their roots. This makes it tough for a new weed to gain any foothold. It also makes ground covers excellent for erosion control, a must on any sloping area of the yard. 


The best part of all is that, while the ground cover plant is doing all this work for you it also plays nice with other plants in the garden. Where a spreading weed would damage your favorite rhododendron or rose, a ground cover will protect the soil without harming those beautiful ornamentals. Instead, they will accentuate the feature plant. 


Ground cover plants are as diverse as any other category of plants. Some like the sun, others prefer shade. Many can take at least light foot traffic, and some can take a lot of it. Most are evergreen. Some are as beautiful as any other plant in your garden. 


A sturdy, fast-growing, shrubby spreader like bearberry, sumac or blue rug juniper will quickly fill in an area and hold the soil in place. Creeping phlox, lithodora, candytuft and sedum will flower beautifully for weeks or even months. Low-growing creeping thyme and Scotch moss, only reaching an inch tall, are perfect between stepping stones. 


Choose the right ground cover for you, and it might become your favorite plant in the whole garden!