Live Stakes

Live Stakes Help Curb Erosion

Live stakes are cut sections of woody plants that are placed in a slope. Planting these a great way to control erosion. These are cut from a hardy species which will take root quickly in the soil. The roots will help to stabilize the sloped soil as the live stakes grow into shrubby bushes. Live stakes are most often used in stream banks. Stream banks very quickly erode due to the moving water and the wetness of the soil. Planting these brings stability to the stream bank that wasn’t possible before. Live stakes are also high for hillside properties, and in areas with high precipitation that suffer a lot of erosion due to runoff. They are best planted in the fall and spring, to ensure that the cuttings will root well.

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Live Stakes Are Used In Wetlands Also For Restoration


Wholesale Nursery Company’s selection includes Button Bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) which grow well in shallow water or on the edge of ponds. It also works well in woodland areas, low spots, and even borders. Red Ozier Dogwood will have great red color all winter long and looks outstanding against the snow. Great for ponds, streams or river banks, as it prefers a wetter area. Planting these is a great way to control erosion with a natural method that is inexpensive and highly effective.

Top Selling Live Stakes Are Black Willows, Elderberry and River Birch