How Do You Ship Plants? We dig ever plant fresh, dip roots in terra sorb, a moisture-rich gel and surround with moisture protectant plastic. All plants packaged are in accordance to the American Nurseryman Association Standards, and all plants are packaged to last in transit at least ten days safe We put in corrugated boxes and ship all plant materials US Mail Priority.

Where Is My Order? If you placed an order for Fall delivery, please make note we do not start our fall shipping season until all plants go dormant (winter state). Dormancy is between the end of October and the 2nd week in November. You will receive an email notification once your order ships out with a tracking # once it ships out. If you've planted an order for asap shipping and it's been longer than ten days, please email customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com and give them your name and order# and a rush will be put on your order. Weather does permit us digging plants, and since all plants are dug fresh and shipped, rain and snow sometimes delay digging.

Where Is Your Nursery Located- Can I Pick up My Order?- We are located near Mcminnville Tennessee 37301, the nursery capital of the world. We have different fields all over Tennessee we collect our plants from and take them to the nearest packaging facility for shipping. We have no storefront, we are online-only, but you are welcome to pick up your orders if you'd put a note in the checkout and we will call you when your order is ready and refund shipping.

Where and Who Do You Ship To? We ship business to business in all states in the US except New York. We offer lower prices for bulk orders, and our large quantity ordering is wholesale prices and small quantities are sub retail and still lower than most online nurseries due to us being the grower source.

What Payment Types Do You Accept? Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover

How Soon After I Place An Order Will It Ship Out? It depends on what the product is, what time of year it is, and orders placed before yours. We like to ship out "now shipping" items within ten days, but we are a very busy nursery, and we ship thousands of orders per year, so this depends on weather and many things. Some items don't ship but in particular seasons and they are specified on each plant the months we ship.

How long has Tennessee Wholesale Nursery been in business? We are a family business with over 65 years of expertise experience and knowledge in the tree nursery industry. So you can rest assured that with our inventory exceeding 4000 acres, you'll receive top-quality plants grower direct at a fraction of its retail price.

Wholesale Warranty

We ship dormant plants, without greenery, foliage or blooms. They are not dead, see below how to preform a scratch test to prove them are alive on receival as well as images below showing how your plants should look on arrival versus in the spring when they green out. We guarantee your plants to be in excellent condition and arrive alive.

If you have any problems with your order, please contact us via email (do not call us, email us with pictures) and state the problem and photos of the problem along with your order # to customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com within 24 hours of order receival. No exceptions to this warranty so please, if you have any problems, we must receive an email within 24 hours of delivery.

We do not accept cancellations on orders unless you've just placed an order and it's not had time to go to the fulfillment center, we can cancel but there is a 20% fee for this due to credit card fees and taxes we pay on orders placed. Most orders go to the fulfillment center within an hour of placement.

 Scratch Test