We Sell Plants Not Seeds - Anyone Can Order at Low Grower Prices - We Ship Everywhere


Q. Where Do You Ship?

A. We Ship to All States except NY. We do not ship international

Q. What Should I do When I Receive My Plants If I can not plant them right away?

A. Complete planting and care instructions comes inside the box on each order. If you can not plant your plants right away that's no problem. We package all plants to be fine up to 5-10 days after receival. If you must wait for extended periods of time, you will need to simply pull the plastic back from the roots and mist with water until you can plant. They also do well in cool garages or cellars if your ground is frozen or it's below freezing and you can't plant immediately. We package our plants in peat moss, dip in moisture rich terasorb, and surround with plastic to keep your plants in superior condition in transit.

Q: Can anyone order from our nursery or must I have a nursery license?

A: Yes anyone can order wholesale without a license. We sell large quantities at wholesale prices and small quantities for homeowners to purchase from us.

Q. I Live In A Far Away Zone, Will Your Trees Survive In My State?

 A. Absolutely, we grow plants for every Zone. We have seeds from many different seed sources that are planted to accommodate orders from every state.

Q; Whats The Minimum Order? What Type Payments Do You Accept?

A. No Minimum order

Q. When Is The Best Time To Plant ?

A. Trees, Shrubs, Evergreen and Berry Plants- In dormant season usually the end of October through the End of April. We Ship during these "safe to plant" months also.

B. Perennials, Vines, Ground Covers, Live Stakes, Ferns and Mosses - Ships year round and it's safe to plant rhizomes year round. So in other words, if we are shipping, it's safe to plant.

Q. Where Is Tn Nursery Located?

A. We have fields and growers we buy from all over the state of Tennessee. We are located 1 hour east of Nashville Tennessee in a small town called Altamont. We have no storefront, just warehouses you can come and pickup your orders at but we do not keep any plants on hand, we dig and have picked up same day.

Q. I live Far Away, Will Plants Live in Transit?

A. Yes we ship Priority 2-3 days shipping and we use Tera-sorb a silicone plant gel on the roots and wrap in plastic to retain ample moisture for up to 10 days without water needed.

Q : Who Will Deliver My Plants?

A: We Ship USPS Priority. It's fast and affordable. 

Q: How soon after I place an order will it ship out?

A: Weather and season always needs to be taken into consideration when we ship. Summer and Winter are slow seasons, we ship out within 2-4 days usually, weather permitting. In Fall and Spring we have thousands of orders to fill but we make sure we send your orders to the fields to get dug within a few days and they ship out as soon as they are brought to our packaging facilities.

Q I received my order and there's no planting instructions. What do I do?

A. Go to this link, complete planting instructions are here - https://www.tnnursery.net/bareroot-planting-guide/. We do not put them in boxes. They get wet with all the gels we use on the roots and so its better for you to print the instructions yourself or read them online.

Q.What about packing slips? My order didn't have one?

A. No we dont include a slip - and that's for a reason. We drop ship for a lot of customers discreetly (because of our wholesale orders). You will get an emailed invoice when you place your order. All of your order will be enclosed in the shipment unless otherwise noted.

Q. I received my order and I have a problem what do I do?

A. Call us at 931-692-4837 or 931-692-4266 We are here for you!

Q: Can I Place Orders By Phone?

A: Yes but online is highly secure and no one ever sees your card number. We are proud to announce that we have a 0% fraud score. When you place orders online, our site has the highest encryption of security we can get and when you place orders with a credit card, no one here ever see's your card number - it goes directly through authorize.net. Order Line is 931-692-4252

Q. Do I get a discount for large orders?

A. Yes! The greater the quantity you order, the cheaper the price. Prices are listed on each product.

Q: Is Your Website Secure?

A: Yes, we have the highest encryption of security we could obtain and have a 0% fraud score. Some companies can't afford to mention this but we are proud of it.

Q.Can I Call To ask A Question On A Specific Plant ?

A. Yes, However office personnel may not know a great deal about plants so we ask you read descriptions on all plants, it gives you the hardiness zone information and other needed information about each specific plant or tree.

Q: What if I only need 1 or 2 plants?

A: Anyone can order and we have no minimum orders. We offer small quantities for home owner's and large volume prices wholesale for trade business.

Q: What Type Trees or Plants Do I Need For My Design?

A: We only sell the plants, so you will need to call you architect or landscapers and discuss these things. We will provide assistance where possible for the plants we sell but we are not landscapers and once you know what you need, give us a call.

Q: Do you guarantee plants and trees that come from your wholesale nursery?

A:We offer a 1 year warranty on all small quantity purchases. Our plants are dug fresh the day prior to shipping. We receive your orders and we dig them fresh. We guarantee you will receive Grade A Quality Plants and Guarantee you they will arrive alive. 

Q: Can i Fax You A Request For Quote?

A: Yes - Fax us your quote or bid lists to 931-692-9246 or email them to tammy at tammysons7@gmail.com and she will respond within 24 hours.

Q: I live Out of the Country, can I order?

A: Our minimum order for international shipping is $5000.00.We obtain all federal phyto sanitary certifications, border documents and invoices for border releases. We have shipped internationally for 17 years. We know the rules.

Q: How Can I check On An Order To See If Has Been Shipped or If I have a problem with a shipment received?

A. Once we dig your trees, they to the warehouse and prepare them for shipping. You will receive a shipment notification as soon as your order goes out with a tracking number.