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Wild Ginger

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Asarum Canadensis - Arrow Leaf Ginger-Asarum arifolium Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-8" Mature Width- 6-15" Bloom Season – Spring and Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

Wild Ginger is a Low-Growing Herbal Perennial

Wild Ginger is also known as Asarum Canadense. Hardy planting zones are 2-10. The growth rate is up to 12 inches per year; The Wild ginger plant is a perennial or groundcover. It is often considered as a ground cover because it can spread along the ground so fast. It has glossy, heart-shaped leaves. It is beautiful and would make a great addition to your yard. They prefer moist well-drained soils, but acidic will work too. It works it best if it is in part sun to full shade. This ground cover does well in shady areas when other plants can’t. It is easily adaptable and makes a great plant; it also has a slight aroma. These beautiful plants paint a beautiful picture as they grow. They bring lots of gorgeous green color to all locations and also provides a natural look when added to gardens and natural areas. These plants are just right for all homeowners as they are effortless to grow and care for. They can also grow to become very thick and dense and protects small wildlife such as those cute chipmunks that love to run and play in garden areas.

 Wild Ginger adds a Natural Look when Added to Garden and Natural Areas

Asarum, commonly known as wild ginger, is a plant in the birthwort family Aristolochiaceae and is a genus of low-growing herbs that originated in Asia. It exists in the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere with most species in North America, one in Europe, and are also in Japan, China, and Vietnam. Interestingly, the name Asarum is the plural of the Latin word as or ara, which means altar or sanctuary. Perhaps that came from its glossy heart-shaped leaves. The leaves; described as kidney-shaped or bell-shaped or jug-shaped; is named wild ginger due to the rhizome smelling and tasting similar to the regular ginger root. However, the two are not related. Only the rhizomes/roots and flowers should be used for medicinal and food preparations when you use the Wild Ginger.
The rootstock and flowers used as a flavoring, dried or fresh, can be a substitute for regular ginger; The syrup used in ice cream and desserts. Made into a tea; it is known to settle the stomach. The plant grows in colonies from creeping rhizomes which lie just under the soil and under deciduous trees. The leaves are small, and the flowers are reddish or brown or purplish maroon and hidden in the foliage. Two leaves emerge in the spring of each year from the growing tip. Wild ginger prefers moist sites with humus-rich soil and can quickly be grown in a well-drained garden and placed in part shade to full shade. It makes an attractive ground cover, spreading quickly, and is low maintenance.

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