Wild Hydrangea Shrub is the perfect shrub to add to your landscaped garden area.

Wild Hydrangea Shrub

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Zone 4-9, Mature Height 12', Width- 9', Status- Beginner

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Also known as the Smooth Hydrangea, Seven back, and Tree Hydrangea, the Wild Hydrangea gets to be between 3-6 feet tall and is a dense shrub with multiple thick stems. The leaves are heart-shaped and have a rough feel to them. In the fall the stalks turn yellow, giving a beautiful splash of color. The plant produces a flower that is greenish-white and very large. As the flowers age, they become white and then fade to brown when winter comes. The flowers are uniform in height and have a slightly flattened look. Sometimes the flowers get so heavy they weigh the stems down to the ground. Wild Hydrangea shrub is native to the southeast United States. While it is native to this area, it is very hardy and can be grown in zones 3 through 9. Wild Hydrangea begins to bloom in June and continues to bloom until the first frost. Wild Hydrangea is deciduous and will lose its leaves in the winter. Unlike the traditional hydrangea, soil acidity does not change the flower color of the Wild Hydrangea. There are some cultivated varieties which produce pink flowers. Wild Hydrangea prefers partial sun. Ideally, it will get sun in the morning and shade in the evening. It likes soil that is moist and well drained and is acidic. If there is a prolonged period without rain, make sure to water the Wild Hydrangea. It also grows quickly. It is excellent for creating a hedge, a mixed border, or a foundation in your landscaping. In the springtime, it can be beneficial to prune the Wild Hydrangea in the spring. Cut the stocks down to six inches, and new stalks will grow and bloom by the time summer comes.

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They grow very fast, are easy to plant, and can grow in a wide range of different conditions. A medium shrub averages 5-8 feet, and a small shrub averages 3-5 feet; Beautifully blossoming into bushes. Wild hydrangea is cloud-like white color. In the fall, the wild hydrangea turns yellow. Wild hydrangea blooms in the summer and well into the fall. In the fall Wild Hydrangea can be used as fresh-cut or dried arrangements. Wild hydrangea root is used to make medicine for infections, such as urinary, prostate, kidney treatment, spider bites, bladder stones, hay fever. To name a few. These beautiful clusters of bushes attract plenty of butterflies and are easy on the eyes.


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