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Wild Oats-Avena Fatua Have Edible Seeds; Turned Into Important Cereal Crop

The wild oat, formally called Avena fatua,  is native to the Mediterranean and areas of Europe and Asia. It is an erect, cool-season, open-branched bunchgrass with nodding flower clusters. This plant grows in crop fields, gardens, roadsides, orchards, vineyards, grassland, and other disturbed sites. Wild oats have since naturalized in temperate climates all over the world.

Wild oats do not have creeping stolons or rhizomes but have a powerful fibrous root system. The species have edible seeds, and often domesticated oats turned into essential cereal crops. However, many considered wild oat a weed in an agricultural field that is difficult to eradicate.

Wild oats have long, flat linear leaves. It grows in small tufts and has green grass with hollow, erect stems that are one to four feet tall, bearing panicles of spikelets. The mature spikelets are bell-shaped and bent bristle-like projections. The long, dark green leaves are up to a centimeter wide and with tiny hairs that are rough to touch. The seedlings are also hairy and usually dark but vary through to cream.

Wild oats’ seed kernel is thinner, longer, darker, and hairy. The plant’s seedling leaves are twisted anti-clockwise, in the opposite direction compared to wheat and barley. The inflorescences are oversized, loose with bisexual flowers. The ovary is also hairy that features long bristles on the seeds. The young wild oats provide forage for grazing animals.

Wild Oats, Avena Fatua Plant is Drought-tolerant and Easy To Look After

The wild oats grasses can either be hardy annuals or hardy perennials that grow in distinct patches at low to moderate densities. They are often confused with bromegrass during the seedling stage. The plant tends to flower at the height of summer. Some gardeners use wild oats as an emphasis plant for the garden and grow them in containers; others dried them and use them in flower arrangements.

The wild oat species, Avena, is drought-tolerant and easy to look after. Regular watering is essential for best growth before it thrives on neglect all year round.

For the seeds, plant them outdoors, sow them at a depth of 6 mm at the start to mid-spring; however, this depends on the variety of seedlings. Space them apart around 25 to 30 cm for smaller types or 45 to 60 cm apart for a more extensive combination of oats. Plant them where it receives full sunlight in dry soil with pH of 6 to 7.5. This plant is a well-known food crop and represents a high cost to cropping.

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