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You can plant any wildflowers you like in your garden, but the three that are listed below are very colorful, will stand out in any garden, and will receive compliments from all your visitors. Take a look at how these three flowers can change the way your garden looks. You can completely transform the garden, bring more like to your home, and plant flowers that are meant to grow well in your area.


 Indian pink plants seem to rise to the heavens on a lovely green stalk. These plants have a fluted bloom that seems to hide among the long yellow and green stems, and the flower itself appears to glow with color. If you were to plant it by your mailbox, it would signal to any guest that they have reached your home. If you planted the flowers near the front door, they are pretty welcoming. You could also leave the flowers in a pot, plant them by the patio, or even plant them in a box on the window. Everyone can still see the bright colors coming from these plants.



Red cardinal flowers have a full red bloom that seems to hang down from the stalk itself. They almost seem to be flying, and that is why they have been named after the cardinal. These flowers can be planted anywhere around your property for a bit of color. They will stand in stark contrast with the shrubs that you have along the front of the house. You could flank the home with these bright red flowers, or you may hang them from pots so that they are flying above your deck or patio.


Red Daylily Plants



Red daylily plants have more than just red to offer. You will see a burst of yellow or even light orange on the inside of each bloom. It is as if the flower has exploded with color, and you can use the daylilies in the same strategic points you would use other flowers on this list. Because you are getting so much color from the daylily, you cannot help but notice if you are driving down the street past the house. Plus, these flowers will bloom through the spring and summer to give you varying shades of red or bright yellow.


Plant Them Together, all wildflowers!



You could create quite a vibrant garden with these three plants. Planting all here throughout your garden or along the edges of your home can build the color red from the light shades of Indian Pink to something much more vibrant like the Red Cardinal. You could base your entire garden on the color red, or you could use these flowers to make your patio feel more festive. If you hang the flowers from every window in a box, you can add a bit of color to the house's exterior that would be impossible to get any other way.





These beautiful flowers are hearty and easy to tend. You may plant them anywhere in your garden, and they will hold up during the winter months when you bring them inside. You can send them back outside when the spring comes, and they will make your lawn feel bright, sunny, and welcoming. If your favorite color is red, these are the perfect flowers for you and your sunny disposition.


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