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Worm Castings – 5 Gallon Bags

Worm Castings – 5 Gallon Bags

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Worm castings provide all the essential nutrients plants need.

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Worm castings – 5 Gallon Bags (Vermicompost)

Worm Castings are made up of vegetable matter and soil that has been digested and excreted by worms, for example, red worms, white worms, and earthworms. When worms understand composting vegetable matter, they regulate the pH of the compost to a neutral 7.0, and they also break the nutrients down to their most elemental form so that plants can absorb them more easily. Worm castings add beneficial bacteria to the soil, and they release nitrogen slowly so that plants cannot be 'burned' by it. Worm castings increase the capacity of the garden soil to hold moisture, making it possible for plants to take up more water. Finally, worm castings remove heavy metals and other toxins from the soil, neutralizing them so that they aren't absorbed into plants. In short, worm castings dramatically improve the quality of soil and do it quickly, organically, and affordable.

Worm Castings are excellent to add to the soil to aerate and improve its overall structure while also adding nutrients to the plants.

What are worm castings? They are an organic form of fertilizer that is produced from an earthworm. Its earthworm poo, as the worm eats through compost, their waste then creates an excellent soil enricher. It also helps a ton with keeping out many of the plant feed pests. They even work well with plants since they are full of the essential nutrients that plants need in addition to what’s in the soil. This particular fertilizer is even good to be put on the plants directly. Castings look like small football-shaped particles that improve soil aeration and draining, and it also increases water retention in the soil. With the fact that it doesn’t burn up the plant it the best fertilizer for those that need to help liven up their plants quickly. You can purchase the worm castings at five gallons per bag.

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