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Yellowroot Xanthorhiza simplicissima

Yellowroot Xanthorhiza simplicissima

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Family. Ranunculaceae, the buttercup family. What kind of plant is it? Deciduous sub-shrub. Hardiness. Zones 4 - 9. Habit

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The Xanthorhiza simplicissima (Yellowroot) makes an excellent ground cover and will spread very quickly.

The common name for this plant is Yellowroot, but the botanical name is Xanthorhiza simplicissima. These beautiful plants are native to the eastern portion of the United States and some southern states. They are very easy to grow as they are adaptable to many different soils, but prefer moisture and good drainage. They will grow at their maximum best when planted in climate zones 3 through 9. These plants are well known for use in the production of dye and are also used in the medical profession. They are small plants and will reach 35 inches tall and approximately 24 inches wide when mature. They love shade and will do great in shady areas. These plants will also attract birds.

They do have a beautifully simple flower which is a purplish color and even fruit.

USDA Climate Zone: 3 – 9
Mature Height: 20- 35 Inches
Mature Width: 10 – 24 Inches
Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade
Soil: Moist, Well-Drained
Ships As – Bareroot Plant

As history repeats itself long ago in the southern united states, people used this plant for medicinal purposes. What is the yellow root? It is a member of two plants originating in the eastern North America of the genus group Xanthorhiza. Xanthorhiza simplicissima commonly known as yellowroot. It contains alkaloid berberine an element that is used for medicinal purposes as treating of diarrhea and in chemistry for dying due to its dyeing agent found in the yellow coloring matter.

When it comes to the art of growing plants with the goal of getting a good view of the landscape(landscaping), Yellowroot has its usefulness since due to its colorful flowers, they provide excellent scenery. On its yellowroot grows under a canopy of partial sunlight in sandy soil along the edges of streams. When cultivated, yellowroot is supplied with more sunlight which helps to distinguish its fall color.

Xanthorhiza simplicissima Ships Bare Root

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